Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letter Writer's Questionnaire

Alright, all but two questionnaires have been postally mailed out to people. The other two will be in the mail tomorrow morning. Anyone who emailed me and wanted one by email has gotten it..if I missed you somehow, let me know.

For everyone else..there is a google form that you can access and enter your answers. And it will allow for Anonymous answering. =)

The form can be found here.

I will be sharing my answers in the coming days. Hopefully before Saturday, but this week has been a killer thus far. Can we all say..9 in a row? UGH.

Ok enough whining! I hope everyone is having a beautiful week filled with lots of mail!


  1. Picked you up that fountain pen today! I bought 3 of the last 4. Should have grabbed them all for that price! I'll grab a padded envelope and get it your way. With mail being so slow here lately it would be easier to drive it haha Still waiting on my survey lady! Am I one of the 2 that didn't get sent? Its okay, because the 26 miles between us is probably the closest of all of the people you sent them to.