Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frisbee Anyone?

So..I walked out to my mailbox today after running around all day and what did I find in the mailbox? A Frisbee! Now, this wasnt a complete surprise because I knew the frisbee was coming. Ms. Kelly (just one of the few Kellys I have a pleasure of corresponding with..though I actually know her from college.) decided she wanted to send a frisbee in the mail. That's right...I got her hooked! I sent her a plastic Easter egg in the mail..and the frisbee was my mail in return. =)

Kelly decided to do a simple experiment as well as sending the frisbee. She wrote me a short note and then left some space for the Postal Employees to write their own message. I thought it was a good idea and if nothing else...well...I still would get a frisbee in the mail..what could be cooler than that?

Here are the before pics:

So that was simple. She wrote my address on a label taped it to the frisbee and then wrote her message on the back side. She took it to get metered and in case anyone was curious..it cost $1.73 to mail the frisbee from Cleveland to Ravenna...about a 45 minute drive.

Here are the after pics:

In case you cannot read their note...it says " We are not permitted to write on mail. Cleveland Rocks!" And then another note that says "Ravenna rocks too!". Underneath that it says "But we hardly ever do what we're told!". How awesome is that?

I know now that I will be mailing some frisbees of my own. And I highly recommend sending one to someone..they are awesome to receive. =)

Sent Mail

Crappy cell phone pics of the mail I sent out today:

I really need to get better at posting the pics before I send things out..haha

Monday, April 25, 2011

Notebook Paper vs. Pretty Stationery

I had no clue what I would write about today until I sat down and read the blogs that I enjoy. One of them sparked an interesting thought, and I figured I would share it with you (just in case you do not follow this particular blog).

Limner from the blog Oh, Write me! confessed today that she wrote a letter to someone on paper that was from her favorite notebook. Like many of us, the words flowed from her pen smoothly across the surface and before she knew it, there was a three page letter before her. She folded the letter, tucked it inside an envelope, addressed it, placed a stamp on it and sent it on its way. Nothing out of the ordinary so far right?

Well, it was the simple act of writing the letter on notebook paper, as opposed to stationery, that had her a bit worried. She wrote the entry "To: Whom It May Concern" to apologize for any rudeness the reader took from the letters appearance. She simply acted on impulse.

So this posed an interesting thought...do I care what a letter sent to me is written on. Honestly, it took very little thought to realize that no..I don't put a whole lot of stock in the paper selection of my writer. Though I must admit, if the paper is interesting I may wonder what caused them to use it. Not in a negative way of course, more of a curiosity. What made them pick this paper up..was it the first one they saw? Do they like this one most? Did they think I would enjoy it? So many questions can be asked on this subject. So now I ask you. Do you care what paper a penpal uses? And if you do, what is your reasoning?

As always I am interested in any thoughts on this subject, positive or negative. I like to think when I pose questions it can be an open forum with no judgement what-so-ever.

*Oh..and if you don't follow the Oh, Write Me! blog already...I highly recommend taking a look at it. *

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mail Call Friday

So I know that today is obviously...not Friday, but better late than never right??

A few postcards, both from Postcrossing and Swap-bot with a few from postcard pen-pals. I also got an ATC from Dave, and letters from a few lovely people. Then there was this piece of amazing mail waiting in the box.

Wanda sent me this wonderful envie with a silk scarf and other goodies inside. How cool is that??

There were two really ironic things about receiving this in the mail. First is that I actually have a small collection (maybe 40-50) silk scarves that I have picked up along the way. I don't typically wear them, though I made an informal resolution to wear a few this year. AND..the second thing that was ironic was that I had just mailed a few silk scarves to some friends. It was almost like she had read my mind!

I do not typically wear the color pink, but I think i will have to make an acception to that to sport this wonderful scarf. =)

**On a completely unrelated note, I am working on setting up an Etsy shop. I will be posting more information about this as soon as I manage to get everything up and running. **

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neat Products From Elmer's and X-Acto

If you have ever scrolled down far enough on the blog you have probably seen the Letters and Journals badge on the right hand side. Well..I am an avid follower of the L&J blog and there was a post (here) about a Craft and Tell Party that Jackie hosted. I loved looking at all the pictures, and was extremely envious. BUT...as I got to the bottom of the blog I saw that there was a chance to win some goodies for my OWN party. Eek! I signed up, even though I am notorious for not winning drawings and such...and what do you know....I WON!

Well, I just got my box in the mail and look at all the neat things I got. I don't even know where to start! Now, I just need to take some time..plan a get together and try out all the neat stuff. So make sure you keep your eyes on the blog for an update of what things were made using these great products.

I would like to thank Jackie, Elmers and X-Acto for making this possible. =)

Non-Mail Post

I know I usually keep this blog to strictly mail/postal/writing related things...but how about a gentle reminder of something else that is important?

As anyone who follows this is probably already aware, I write to US Soldiers. I do not do this because I feel I need to, or because I was asked...I do it because it makes me happy and seems like the least I can do with those brave souls fighting a war for not only themselves, but all of us. I honestly wish I could do more.

I received note from one of the soldiers I write to letting me know, after quite a bit of silence, that he is ok. They have had some tough days and nights there (Afghanistan). Another soldier wanted to thank me for helping send over some books for them to read (with the help of the local VFW and Library). And yet another of my soldiers is getting ready to have a birthday...he will be 20 this year. As our soldiers get younger and the war gets longer sometimes it feels like there will never be an end.

(Enough of that...) The actual reason for this post is two things I read this past evening that I thought would be good to "put out there". First is that the military is getting ready to purchase some Ballistic Boxers for our male troops. (I know that this article says that they are going to the Marines..but another article I read...which I cannot find at them moment said all the troops will be getting them.) These will help the soldiers keep their private areas..unhurt. Now you might think (like I first did) why in the world do they need those...I cannot imagine people shooting at their groins. Well..it isn't so much for gunshots, but more so to keep them from getting shrapnel wounds. And they will also keep those tiny bits from penetrating their upper thigh where the femoral artery is. And for that..I say every soldier should have some (and not just the male soldiers).

The final thing I wanted to mention was a man who is doing far more to help the troops than most people do. Bob Williams, a Vietnam Veteran, started Our Troops Online to help get some snack and supplies to our troops overseas. He sends about 215 boxes each week, which is quite a lot in postage. By my own calculation that would be...$2784.25 each week. JUST IN POSTAGE!! (And I thought I send a lot of mail).

Bob's organization was just recently in the news because he has a lot of donated items sitting in a warehouse because he cannot come up with the money to ship them overseas. And that is why I wanted to post this here. If you have the ability to help out in any amount, please consider it. If you click on the link above, you can even read some of the letters from the troops who have benefited from Bob's hard work.

I thank each and every one of you for sticking through this whole post. I know it was long and that many of you read this blog because of the mail/writing posts, but sometimes we need to remember what is really important.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hockey Night!

Mail Call Friday is being postponed a bit (I promise it will be posted!) cause the Pittsburgh Penguins are playing a game tonight and I am gonna hang out and watch it. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday evening!

Statue of Liberty Stamp Making News

Everyone has probably seen this stamp whether in person or online, but how many of you picked out that it was the wrong Statue of Liberty? I didn't and I have seen this stamp up close! A 'super-fan' of the statue contacted Postal officials when he realized that the statue used on the stamp was not the original...but the replica that sits in Las Vegas.

Above you see the picture of the stamp..and below..the actual statue..can you spot the differences?

To check and see if you spotted them you can read the article about it here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And We Call That Junk?!?

Has Elvis ever looked so lovely? But seriously...can you tell that he is made from junk mail? Neat, huh? Artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold creates beautiful works of art using that junk we get in the mail that most of us throw out. I know I toss it usually...unless it looks really neat. But I never thought to save it based on how it might look in a collage.

Well after looking at the works Sandhi has created I may have to start looking at my junk mail just a tad differently. Have you ever tried to create a mosaic portrait?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How about a Hodge-Podge Post?

Well there was very little to write about this evening. No interesting historical facts for you today. BUT...as always I think I can come up with a little bit to share.

I am sure at least a few of your are aware of the Orphaned Postcard Project that is hosted by Postmuse. Well today I have come across another blogger who is hosting an orphaned postcard project of her own. Emilie is using her blog to get the word out about her project which centers around Penguin Postcards. She is asking that anyone who adopts a postcard of a novel to have read it beforehand. That way you can write a little something on the back about the book. Though there are some non-novels as well and anyone can request to adopt those ones. (Personally I emailed asking to adopt Scootering: A Handbook...cause that is just funny.) I know you want to help Emilie out..and if you havent already help out Postmuse as well. =)

And the final thing I wanted to talk about was the mailing of random objects. I found a website where they talk of sending those plastic eggs through the post with nothing but a label and some stamps on the outside. How cool is that?? Totally makes me want to mail something like that to someone.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good mail day...now off to respond to some more people. =)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Green!

Now I am sure many of you are already conscious of your carbon footprint, well the Postal Service is now getting in the game. They are releasing the Go-Green stamps on April 14th. The sheet (pictured below) will feature 16 different stamp designs that will all show ways you can be green.

Another neat thing I found while looking for information on these stamps is that the USPS offers some plantable postcards. They have some seeds worked right into the paper used for the postcard. Which means you can send the postcard...the person you sent it to can put it in the ground and watch wildflowers spring up in that spot. How cool is that??

I tried to find a picture of the postcards, but unfortunately I came up short. SO...here is a link to where you can look at all the "green" products. =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mail Call Friday

Yet another friday is here!! Here are the pics of this weeks mail.

Neat huh? I actually got a few things from people I haven't "met" yet. =) Now my goal is to respond to all of this before Monday..so I can start fresh. We shall see how that goes...especially when I get something wonderful like this in the mail.

It's a paper bag book! And beautifully decorated! Each page looks something like this..

How on earth should I respond to this?? I have a few ideas. I think it will be pretty easy once I start.

Did you have a good mail week?

Own An iPad?

If you own an iPad and are a fan of typewriters then you need this gadget! As you can see from the photo above...the gadget is basically a typewriter-esque base that you set your iPad into. It allows you the ease of modern technology with that vintage feel you love from a typewriter. It is pretty neat! You can find out more about this gadget here.

If I owned an iPad I think I would need to own this. Though, I don't own Apple's tablet computer and thus I have no need for this handy base. What about you...do you own an iPad..and would this appeal to you?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7th...

Today in 1940 Booker T Washington became the first African American to be featured on a postage stamp.

And that my friends is a bit of postal history for ya.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Neat Postmark

I dont really have much to write about tonight, but I did find that you can get a neat postmark (through re-mailing of course) from Aumsville, Oregon. They are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Oregon Forestry service.

This works just like any re-mailing that I have posted about before. You send your postcard or letter stamped and self addressed (or addressed to someone else if you like) to the address I will list below. Make sure you put stamps on everything! That is super important.

The address:
Centennial Station
PO BOX 9998
Aumsville, OR 97325

Happy Mailings!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 Posts in One Night!!

So I was reading over the blog 100 Days of Snail Mail and saw that she was talking about the price of postage. Well..upon reading hers (she is based in Canada) I decided to do my own calculations for the US..and share them here of course.

In 1985, (the year of my birth), the cost to mail a letter within the country was 22 cents. Today that rate is 44cents..though people have probably forgotten about that because of our nice Forever Stamps. So we are actually even as far as that calculation goes. The inflation calculator says that it should be 44 cents today.

Now on to postcards! Postcards mailed inside the country in 1985 cost a blistering 14 cents to mail...and as the inflation calculator shows...they should have cost 28 cents in 2010. Obviously you cannot calculate what it would cost in 2011 because the year is only getting started. So again...we break even.

But what about International postcards and letters? In 1985 they cost 68 cents to mail and according to the inflation calculator...that same letter today should have costed $1.36! Which means that we are actually getting a discount! Our rate is only .98 cents. So we are actually saving some money according to inflation.

So next time you think about whether stamps are too expensive just think about this little post. At least here in the states, we are getting a really good deal.

It's Been Awhile

I do apologize for my lapse in posting...apparently life gets in the way of blogging just as it does with writing letters. =/

In this post I wanted to share a few things I picked up from of the local thrift stores and then also some mail that is going out. The first thing I found at the local shop was these wonderful cards.

As you can see, these are cards that you insert your own photo into. That photo is one that I took while on vacation in Mexico. =)

They all have different sayings on the front..like Serenity, Dream, Happy Birthday, and the one pictured says: A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. -John Keats. And as you can see from the second picture...I got a whole slew of them. I am even toying with the idea of selling some on Etsy. If I ever decide to actually set up shop (haha,...I have always wanted to say that).

They really do make lovely gifts and I got the whole lot for 10 bucks. Not bad if I do say so myself. I have already used a few. They are even great to turn into postcards by cutting the back off of. Anyway, how about another thrift store find?

Isn't this the cutest little journal? The cover is made of leaves of some kind. I am sad to say there is no label inside, so I cannot tell what type they are or who made it. But the paper on the inside is very nice as well, seems handmade. (of course I didnt take a picture of it..that would have made sense).

And finally I think I will share a quick picture of a few things I am sending out. =)

And speaking of that...I think I will leave this here and work on responding to some more letters. =)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mail Call Friday..or...Not

If you have been following me the past few weeks then you know that on Friday's I have been posting pictures of all the mail I have received during the week. Well...I have failed all of you by not making sure I had proper battery charge in my camera. And thus I cannot really post them today (as I have to wait for them to charge). So I will post that tomorrow.

Today however, I would like to mention something that I saw on another blog. Your Postal Blog had a post today about mailing children. The parcel post was introduced in 1913 and after it was established there are two accounts of people sending children through the mail.

Basically they would pin the stamps to the childs clothing and then send them on their way. Anyone who has read The Englishman who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects, will know that Mr. Bray (the englishman) posted himself a few different times in the UK. Its amazing that we had to outlaw the sending of people through the mail.

I also came across an article from the New York Times that seems like a letter to the editor of sorts. Its an interesting read for sure.

I cannot imagine travelling through the mail, though given the chance to be mailed...I would totally do it.

What about you? Would you want to be mailed? And if so...where would you like to go?