Friday, April 8, 2011

Own An iPad?

If you own an iPad and are a fan of typewriters then you need this gadget! As you can see from the photo above...the gadget is basically a typewriter-esque base that you set your iPad into. It allows you the ease of modern technology with that vintage feel you love from a typewriter. It is pretty neat! You can find out more about this gadget here.

If I owned an iPad I think I would need to own this. Though, I don't own Apple's tablet computer and thus I have no need for this handy base. What about you own an iPad..and would this appeal to you?


  1. If I owned an iPad, I would have to have this. One thing that keeps me from getting one (other than cost) is that I"m a touch typist and I can't imagine not having a real keyboard under my fingers.

  2. This is hilarious, but I would get one in a minute.

  3. This is the absolute FIRST reason that I have for wanting an ipad. It's the perfect mix of ridiculous-technology-vintage-useful.