Thursday, April 21, 2011

Non-Mail Post

I know I usually keep this blog to strictly mail/postal/writing related things...but how about a gentle reminder of something else that is important?

As anyone who follows this is probably already aware, I write to US Soldiers. I do not do this because I feel I need to, or because I was asked...I do it because it makes me happy and seems like the least I can do with those brave souls fighting a war for not only themselves, but all of us. I honestly wish I could do more.

I received note from one of the soldiers I write to letting me know, after quite a bit of silence, that he is ok. They have had some tough days and nights there (Afghanistan). Another soldier wanted to thank me for helping send over some books for them to read (with the help of the local VFW and Library). And yet another of my soldiers is getting ready to have a birthday...he will be 20 this year. As our soldiers get younger and the war gets longer sometimes it feels like there will never be an end.

(Enough of that...) The actual reason for this post is two things I read this past evening that I thought would be good to "put out there". First is that the military is getting ready to purchase some Ballistic Boxers for our male troops. (I know that this article says that they are going to the Marines..but another article I read...which I cannot find at them moment said all the troops will be getting them.) These will help the soldiers keep their private areas..unhurt. Now you might think (like I first did) why in the world do they need those...I cannot imagine people shooting at their groins. isn't so much for gunshots, but more so to keep them from getting shrapnel wounds. And they will also keep those tiny bits from penetrating their upper thigh where the femoral artery is. And for that..I say every soldier should have some (and not just the male soldiers).

The final thing I wanted to mention was a man who is doing far more to help the troops than most people do. Bob Williams, a Vietnam Veteran, started Our Troops Online to help get some snack and supplies to our troops overseas. He sends about 215 boxes each week, which is quite a lot in postage. By my own calculation that would be...$2784.25 each week. JUST IN POSTAGE!! (And I thought I send a lot of mail).

Bob's organization was just recently in the news because he has a lot of donated items sitting in a warehouse because he cannot come up with the money to ship them overseas. And that is why I wanted to post this here. If you have the ability to help out in any amount, please consider it. If you click on the link above, you can even read some of the letters from the troops who have benefited from Bob's hard work.

I thank each and every one of you for sticking through this whole post. I know it was long and that many of you read this blog because of the mail/writing posts, but sometimes we need to remember what is really important.


  1. Oh great, now I feel even more frustrated by not being allowed to send goodies to Canadians in Afghanistan...grrrr....

    Well, I can send some more postcards!

  2. I am baffled that you are asked NOT to send Canadian Troops packages. I guess I can understand why, but it still seems rather silly to me. And you know most of the soldiers I write to say they enjoy the letters and cards far more than they would a package anyway.

    But I agree..that would be completely frustrating!!

  3. I finally got my nephew's address two days ago. He's a Marine who's been deployed to Afghanistan for the third time. Was going to help my sister with a care package, but her fellow employees are on board for that, but no one writes. That's where I come in. Reading this has given me an idea. I'll share it after I get my ducks lined in a row. :)

    More later. Thanks Pen Thief!