Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mail Call Friday

So I know that today is obviously...not Friday, but better late than never right??

A few postcards, both from Postcrossing and Swap-bot with a few from postcard pen-pals. I also got an ATC from Dave, and letters from a few lovely people. Then there was this piece of amazing mail waiting in the box.

Wanda sent me this wonderful envie with a silk scarf and other goodies inside. How cool is that??

There were two really ironic things about receiving this in the mail. First is that I actually have a small collection (maybe 40-50) silk scarves that I have picked up along the way. I don't typically wear them, though I made an informal resolution to wear a few this year. AND..the second thing that was ironic was that I had just mailed a few silk scarves to some friends. It was almost like she had read my mind!

I do not typically wear the color pink, but I think i will have to make an acception to that to sport this wonderful scarf. =)

**On a completely unrelated note, I am working on setting up an Etsy shop. I will be posting more information about this as soon as I manage to get everything up and running. **


  1. Bountiful mail and somehow pink is Spring. Although I admit to really liking pink. Good for you on the esty shop. xox Corrine

  2. Neat stuff! Glad my ATC got to you save and sound!