Monday, April 25, 2011

Notebook Paper vs. Pretty Stationery

I had no clue what I would write about today until I sat down and read the blogs that I enjoy. One of them sparked an interesting thought, and I figured I would share it with you (just in case you do not follow this particular blog).

Limner from the blog Oh, Write me! confessed today that she wrote a letter to someone on paper that was from her favorite notebook. Like many of us, the words flowed from her pen smoothly across the surface and before she knew it, there was a three page letter before her. She folded the letter, tucked it inside an envelope, addressed it, placed a stamp on it and sent it on its way. Nothing out of the ordinary so far right?

Well, it was the simple act of writing the letter on notebook paper, as opposed to stationery, that had her a bit worried. She wrote the entry "To: Whom It May Concern" to apologize for any rudeness the reader took from the letters appearance. She simply acted on impulse.

So this posed an interesting I care what a letter sent to me is written on. Honestly, it took very little thought to realize that no..I don't put a whole lot of stock in the paper selection of my writer. Though I must admit, if the paper is interesting I may wonder what caused them to use it. Not in a negative way of course, more of a curiosity. What made them pick this paper up..was it the first one they saw? Do they like this one most? Did they think I would enjoy it? So many questions can be asked on this subject. So now I ask you. Do you care what paper a penpal uses? And if you do, what is your reasoning?

As always I am interested in any thoughts on this subject, positive or negative. I like to think when I pose questions it can be an open forum with no judgement what-so-ever.

*Oh..and if you don't follow the Oh, Write Me! blog already...I highly recommend taking a look at it. *


  1. Sometimes notebook paper seems easier to write on. I don't know if it either has a little gloss to it or other ones that are lighter. Also I tend to have a million more envelopes than stationery paper so something has to be written on notebook papers. I usually like the notebook papers I have as much as stationery. If I know I am going to write a long letter then it is also easier. Also if I am writing a card and need to say more than will fit on the card then I am going into notebook paper. Now I am going to be all self conscious about this!!

  2. Write me on whatever you want. I get several letters on graphing paper and I'm glad to get them.

  3. I think the best answer is: It depends.

    If a letter was from an elderly relative whom I hear from once a year if I'm lucky, I would be thrilled if it was written on the back of an old utility bill.

    If a letter on notebook paper was from a regular penpal who routinely writes on odd, quirky papers (or things), then it would be just a normal letter and I would think nothing of it.

    However, I would wonder about a letter on notebook paper from a regular penpal who normally uses nice stationery. Not that I would care about the specific paper so much, I would just be curious about the radical change.

    All that said, I received a letter today on G. Lalo stationery; a first. It got my attention.

  4. I'm so thrilled when I get a hand-written letter that I truly do not even give it a second thought about what it is written on. It is great food for thought though!

  5. Thank you all for your responses! I like knowing what goes through everyone else's mind when they get a letter. =)

  6. I'll agree with most of the previous comments. It's awesome that someone even takes the time and effort to write a letter, much less what it's written on. I will confess, that being a letter writer I completely get into my stationary. I have so much, that's it's ridiculous. I sometimes think, why do I need this much stationary, there are people dying in other countries, and yet I have this absorbent amount of writing stuff. (That wasn't suppose to sound heartless). Anywho, I would say that I use beautiful paper, for beautiful people.

  7. A world of thanks for a nod from you, Pen Thief! A world and a comet's worth of thanks. :D

    I'm getting interesting feedback about the topic. It's almost 50/50 for each: stationery vs whatever the Spirit whispers. I've written to Margaret Shepherd about her little book, yet again. Wish I could have challenged her on this issue.

    You'll see what I mean after your copy arrives. (The Art of the Handwritten Note.)

    You write well. :)