Friday, April 8, 2011

Mail Call Friday

Yet another friday is here!! Here are the pics of this weeks mail.

Neat huh? I actually got a few things from people I haven't "met" yet. =) Now my goal is to respond to all of this before I can start fresh. We shall see how that goes...especially when I get something wonderful like this in the mail.

It's a paper bag book! And beautifully decorated! Each page looks something like this..

How on earth should I respond to this?? I have a few ideas. I think it will be pretty easy once I start.

Did you have a good mail week?


  1. i can see my letter there! hope you write back soon. have a good mail day!

  2. Cool stuff! I'm so behind right now with my mail art projects...and my blogging..and...and...well life just keeps getting in the way!

  3. Paper lunch sack books are great fun! Thanks for the words of encouragement. xox Corrine

  4. Bruno- I am just getting ready to work on the letter/art to send back to you! I enjoyed yours so much! =)

    Dave- I get behind sometimes too...its amazing how life gets in the way isn't it?

    Corrine- You are so very welcome. I am sure there will be more words of encouragement as the time passes. Oh and I started using the moleskine that you decorated for me today! =)