Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Does Anyone Still Read This?

Long story short I’ve been dealing with an illness and I’ve had an insane amount of down time because of it. I was curious if anyone still reads this? I’ve thought about revisiting the blog, writing new posts and even jumping back into the letter writing world. Sad as it may seem I wasn’t even sure where to start. If you still follow and read this leave me a comment. I’d sure like to know if the letter writing world is still active.


  1. Still here, and still writing letters.

    1. I wasn’t sure if anyone still followed. I did some quick searching and it appears a lot of the blogs I used to follow when letter writing have gone dormant. It’s good to know that people are still out there writing!

  2. The letter writing world is definitely still here and I'm still following. I have my own abandoned blog, but I do connect with the letter writing community on Twitter and I'll certainly read if you reactivate your presence here. :)

  3. Yes, still here, though busier writing letters than online missives!
    As for letter blogs - well, Instagram seems easier for some, and a picture says more than words.

  4. I've missed exchanging letters with you! I had to abandon The Modest Peacock Blog 6 years ago due to some family issues, but I'm still around and writing letters! Starting my 8th LetterMo tomorrow! I'll drop you an email and hopefully we can exchange snail mail addresses? :)

  5. hi, yes I still come back and check for post update. Hope your are better.