Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday John Wayne

The Duke would have been 104 today if he were still alive. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1979 from complications with stomach cancer. The reason for this post is that...

..there is a John Wayne stamp. I really like this stamp, because he looks so stoic in the photo. The stamp which is valued at 37 cents was released September 9, 2004. It was part of the Hollywood Legends series of stamps.

Some interesting facts about the Duke...He starred in approx 184 movies. Of which he was the lead in 142 of them. Another surprising fact that I learned was that he had 7 children! I am not sure why this shocks me but it does.

Anyway, its getting late and there are more letters to write!!


  1. I had no idea how many children he had. Interesting. Great stamp!