Monday, May 9, 2011

Late Mail Recap

Ok…ok…I promise that I had EXTREMELY good intentions about posting my incoming mall this week. usual life got in my way. =(

As many of you know..I have a little buddy named Carter. Well he was having some really bad stomach pains and so my brother and his wife took him to the ER on Saturday. They transported him from the local hospital to a Children's hospital about 40 minutes away.

He has been there since sometime Saturday afternoon. They still aren't totally sure what is wrong with him, though they did rule out appendicitis (which is good). Though they did an ultrasound and ct scan and found that he has a thickening of his bladder wall. The problem is that they still don't know what is causing that. His fever was high again today (right around 102.8) and his white cell count was raging as well. Both of those indicate an infection, but they cannot seem to find one. **Edit...they apparently found strep.**

SO…now you know why it has taken so long to post this. AND I want to let everyone know that if you are expecting a response from me..I promise they will all get sent out once life slows a bit. I am very slowly getting through them..the pile seems to be getting smaller…I hope.

I am sure there are a few postcards missing. SO...if I didn't post a picture of something please let me know. I may have accidentally filed them after responding. If only I could keep my wits about me... In addition to the Rubber Duck from Kelly, I got another piece of fun mail I wish to highlight. Limner aka Bobbie from "OH, Write Me" sent me a copy of The Art of a Handwritten Note. How wonderful. Granted...I havent had much time to leaf through it, but I will be sure to let you all know how it is.

**Also, if anyone is interested a new issue of USA Philatelic is out. I got my issue in the mail today…so I imagine they are available at the Post Office. You can also sign up to get them sent to your house for free at the Beyond the Perf website.


  1. I hope Carter's back to full health again soon now that they have a diagnosis.

  2. you can send cool stuff too!

  3. Carter is feeling better today, though still a bit rundown. Which is understandable for all the infections this poor child has.

    And that link is awesome!! I am going to have to come up with something extreme to post there. =)