Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moments That Make You Stop and Think...

So today has been yet another rainy gray Ohio day...though they say we may get some nice weather for a day or two later this week....*fingers crossed*.

I got home and decided to read through my RSS feeds (the wonderful way I keep up with all your blogs) and I found a nice article about a local post office that is being renamed after a soldier who was killed in the line of duty on this third tour in Iraq. The Rootstown Post Office will now bear the name of Sgt. Jeremy E. Murray. =)

**Mail Art Call**

The author of the Dinotopia series of books is hosting a Mail Art Call for decorated envelopes. You can find all of the details here and I highly suggest that you submit something. Why not? We are all making art anyway. Put it to good use!


  1. That's a very nice gesture.

  2. *gasp*

    Thanks for this heads-up! I'm a huuuuuuge Dinotopia fan, so this is definitely going to be a part of my weekend!

  3. YAY! I am glad you read this post then Wolfey!!