Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short Post

Just like the title says tonights post is going to be short!

So if you have read my recent posts you know that I have been getting some cards together to tuck into a box for my soldier Matthew. Well...I seem to have inspired someone else! SO...what I think you should travel on over to Maria's blog and email her to get her mailing address and then send her soldier Gordon a card for his birthday! =)

Everyone loves getting birthday greetings so why not send a few yourself? I have already emailed her..have you?


  1. Hello, loved the duck from your last post. The rain is driving everyone nut in western PA. We are all a crabby and blah. The month of April was missery. To better days!

  2. Thanks for the "advertising," Misty! I really loved your idea, so I'm glad you don't mind the theft. :)