Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Olympic Stamp?

The Summer Olympic games will be held in London this year. Anyone who MUST send me a postcard! really don't have to, but it would be nice. *wink* Anyway, the games arent set to start until mid-summer however, it is becoming noticable that there will not be a USPS olympic stamp release this year.

Some say it is because of a licensing issue. Linn Stamp News reported that the USPS showed reporters some stamp mock ups last year, with the five-ring logo curiously missing. But they also reported that there will be no stamp issued for the Olympics this year by the United States. This will be the first Olympic Games since the 1980 summer games in Moscow that the USPS doesn't have a stamp. (Before anyone bites my head off..there were stamps released for the Moscow games, but once the US decided to boycott the games the stamps were reportedly pulled from circulation and destroyed. I couldn't find any real info about that other than the Scott Stamp Catalogue doesn't have them marked very highly in value..which means there must be a ton in circulation.)

Either way this has me bummed. I personally love the Olympic Games! And being this is the first games since I really got into collected stamps and mailing letters, I was disappointed to learn there would be no stamps to commemorate the event. Such a shame.

What do you think about this? Do you care? What's your take on the issue?

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  1. I started collecting stamps as a second grader in 1978. I am disappointed that there are no US Olympic stamps in 2012. It makes no sense.