Monday, May 21, 2012

Postal Plea!

Ok folks. Many of you must have realized by now that keeping up with the blog and my mail is becoming such a chore. I suspect that I am just slightly burnt out, but also the weather is soooo much nicer than normal for this time of year. I mean...I have been wearing shorts and tank tops for what seems like months already!

At any rate, I am making a postal plea. For the time about we just correspond by postcard instead of letter? Or for those who rather send a letter, please know that if I respond by postcard, its not me trying to snub you but rather me trying to send timely responses and not fall as far behind. Ok?

Also, I think I have an interesting post or two in store for the near future. I may post one of these beauties on Wednesday. I have been saving it all winter because photographing it will require open space..and where better than the outdoors? Until then, please know I haven't forgotten any of yor..and mail is still slowly trickling out to you.

Thanks for your patience and for reading my little corner of the internet. =)


  1. Hi, Misty! I haven't talked to you in forever because life and work took over my letter writing/blogging time!!! I have a list of replies to write that is about 30 people long!! So I totally understand your want for a rest! :) Isn't it fun getting awesome mail in the postbox but a little less awesome when you can't keep up? LOL Hope all is well over your way. :)

  2. I'll send you hi i'm alive postcards haha. I understand the workload limiting the letter writing.