Wednesday, April 4, 2012

National Card and Letter Writing Month

Did you know that this month is National Card and Letter Writing month? Well it is! That means we should all try our best to write letters and cards throughout the month. My plan is to not only continue playing catch up with my letters to each of you readers, but to also reach out to people I don't normally write to. Specifically the local veterans in my town. I plan on writing letters and sending them to the local veteran organizations. =)

If you want, there is also a special cancellation being offered.
What are your plans for this national month of writing letters and cards?

Also...Happy Birthday to my father today!


  1. Well, I might just have to accelerate a mailing I WAS going to do in the fall. Hmmm is my wrist up to another 100 cards??

  2. How does the special cancellation work? Do you mail to that address, and then they put the letter in a different envelope for you?

    1. Basically you need to write your letter. And place it into an envelope like you normally would. Make sure to address it to your penpal and stamp it as well. Then place that envelope in one slightly larger and address it to the post office where you will be getting the special cancel. When they get it, they will open the large envelope and then cancel your letter with the special on and mail it out. :)