Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stamp Tissue Cover

Do you have seasonal allergies? I do. And when spring sets in (which is already happening here in Ohio which is INSANE!) I tend to blow my nose a lot. This means you can always find at least one box (although sometimes two) of tissues in my workspace. Lets face it. Even though they have prettier designs than ever of tissue boxes these days, they are still far from something that I like. Which is why I decided to decorate my own. =)

You can buy a tissue box cover at almost any craft store. They even have some that are already sticky, which are a big help if you are using small pieces of paper like I did. I thought I took a picture of the before...but apparently I didnt. So you will just have to use your imagination. Mine was one that was already sticky after peeling off a backing paper. Here is the result of an hours work:
Pretty good if I do say so myself. Now, once you have them all laid on there, you will need to coat them in something to keep them from coming off. I used a diluted elmer's glue for this project, but you could also use Modge Podge or the like.

Making stamp themed accessories, one piece at a time. =)


  1. Really fun! I like it! You must have been collecting stamps for ages.

  2. love it! Im into 'decopatch' im half way through a chair!

  3. great idea. I use a lot of tissues and I really dislike a lot of the box designs.