Monday, April 2, 2012

That Time of Year Again

If you have been reading the blog from the beginning...or are one of those crazy people who went back through all the old posts, then you know you can do this. However, I have had so many new people join the blog since last year that I thought I would post about it again.

Did you know you can mail plastic eggs? You know, those brightly colored eggs that are easy to find this time of year? Well, you can. I've done it. This will actually be the second time I have done it and I am thinking about making it a yearly thing. How do you mail them? Simple.

First you need to buy your plastic eggs. Like I said earlier, you can literally buy them anywhere this time of year. I got the Spiderman ones from a coworker who just happened to have them laying around. Neat huh? She originally got them at Big Lots. The larger egg has 75 peace tattoos inside and came pre-filled and sealed from Walgreens. I think I paid around $2 for the larger one, but saved me from having to find stuff for the inside.
Next, fill your eggs with neat things. Stray away from candy even if it is individually wrapped as they consider that sending perishables and they may be searched through. (I sent 6 last year, 5 made it to the destinations, but none had the candy left inside..only the toys). One of these plastic eggs contains earrings, the other..well the flash made it hard to about this:
There are actually two pins inside. Both still wrapped in the cellophane wrappers they came in. Both are USPS pins (the one behind Florida is a US Flag stamp pin).
Once you are done stuffing the inside (make sure it doesn't rattle) use tape to seal the split in the egg. I used regular old scotch tape, but you can use any you would like. Then add an address label and be sure to tape it on good. Next you need to either weigh it and put the correct postage on, or you can take it to the post office and have them weigh it yourself.

All of my eggs were an ounce or less, so they can be mailed for $1.95. If you are like me, you will put two international ($1.05) stamps on the eggs and let them fly.

Ready for the SUPER neat part? You have a chance to get an egg in the mail. Sure, it probably wont get there before Easter, BUT you will still get it (assuming it doesn't get lost to the postal gods). You can enter the contest by leaving a comment on this blog with a number. Any number 1-100. I will send the egg to the person whose number is closest to the random number generated online via A deadline of..lets say..7pm Tuesday, April 3? (And as always that is Eastern Standard Time.

Unfortunately, International folks cannot enter the contest, as they wont let me send the eggs naked to you. However, I will be hosting another contest soon that you will be able to enter! So keep your eyes open. =)


  1. Cool Misty! I'll pick the number 24. I have a mailbox I'm mailing out soon ! 0 Usually I don't get into the weird mailings but sometimes you just gotta be different!

  2. Hi Misty! What a wonderful idea. I have a niece and 3 nephews that would love this treat...I am off to buy some eggs.

    And as for a number.... how about the number 42.

  3. Replies
    1. He is getting better. He hadn't kicked the ear he is on more antibiotics. He is also enjoying spring break at the moment. :)

  4. You always have such creative ideas for mailings. I enjoy seeing what you send.

    Number 16.

  5. Such a great idea! I think I'll go with number 78 :)

  6. That looks fun!! You are a mail art wonder! :0)
    Dang, I need to stop by more often! sorry.

  7. FUN, I want so send some eggs to my nieces and nephews now. That is so much fun. I pick 69. Thank you.

  8. I pick number 5 and this is an awesome idea Misty :)

  9. Yay-hey! Glad you back. Happy to hear Carter is mending. Hope he likes the card I made for him.

    I choose #7. That's cause Carter will be 7 sometime soon, if he's no longer 6. ;) LOL. I know, I know, but it makes perfect sense to me.

  10. my number is taken, so I'll try 93.

  11. This looks like a cool thing. I'll say number 45