Friday, April 13, 2012

New Pens!!

I have some awesome readers! Truly. You guys (and gals) are awesome!! You are better than are..amazingly awesome! Ok enough of that..but seriously. You are!

I recently got two Pilot pens from two different people, in the same week. Granted this was a couple weeks ago, but being as I was a bad blogger and wasn't doing my writing, I am gonna post about them now.
 You are looking at the Pilot Petit 1, which is a fountain pen and the Pilot Precise V5 which is a rollerball.
 They are both quite nice and from his view you can see the tips on each of them. I like the compactness of the Pilot Petit 1. It literally fits into your pocket and is sturdy enough that I am not afraid of it snapping and causing a mess. The Pilot Precise V5 is a very fluid pen. The point is extra fine which I love. It makes writing on small areas (think address labels) very easy!
Overall, these pens by Pilot are wonderful additions to my stolen pen collection. =)  Thank you dear readers for sharing some of your favorites, or new finds with me. I really appreciate it!

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