Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes Amazon Ships Later Than Expected...

 This box of Pixar cards were supposed to be a Valentine's Day gift from Brad. Which would have been super cute...cause then we both would have given each other postcards. However, Amazon was backordered, so they said they would be there in 2 weeks. 2 weeks came and they sent Brad another email saying..well..nope they would let him know when they would ship. Guess what showed up last week without any notice!
They are all super cute! I have been thinking of doing a special project with them. Asking people to "adopt" them and write about the movie that the art is from. But a lot of work has to be done before I can do that. What do you think? Would it be worth it? 100 cards would be a lot to have up for adoption, especially since they are all from the same few movies.

I just know I would like to keep them all! Haha.


  1. LOL. How cute. Not sure I could write something on all 100 at once, but you're good at doing the amazing. Like Dodson, D..

    Why not keep half. ;) I'd keep the one on top for sure. I do like that big guy. I imagine him having tea with a wee girl.

  2. I have these! I can send you some from my collection that way you can send them and still get them. I've sent a lot of them so if I don't have it I'll help adopt. It's not a bad idea. I've done it.

    There are two people I swap with 1) my boyfriend who lives back home. I give him all the postcards I can't part with bc they are so pretty. He sends them to me with cute messages and I get to keep them forever and they aren't blank.2) my friend I pen pal with. I told her how I love some cards and keep them. She told me to send her one I love blank. She fills out a message on it sends it back and sends a blank card she loves. I fill out the message on her card and send it with a new blank card I of happy card saving. haha

  3. I absolutely ADORE Pixar, and those are super cute! Are they all different from each other?