Monday, April 9, 2012

Picture Permit Indicia

The USPS has sent a request to the Postal Regulatory Commission to allow commercial mailers to include a logo, picture or trademarks in the Permit Indicia found on their mail. What does this mean?

Well, first you must know what permit indicia is. Basically it is that little printing that looks something like this:
So imagine some mail coming with this that has a nice picture attached to it. I think it could be neat. The idea I think is to basically "brand" the mail like they do anything else. Probably hoping that people will pay more attention to it. 

If the PRC approves the request we could start seeing mail like that around the end of June, early July. Interesting huh?

Will it make you look?


  1. Yes, I think I'd look more often at it all. Sounds interesting.

    I hope you'll let us know if it's approved.