Monday, January 17, 2011

365 Postcards in 2011

So today I had a spark of brilliance. Why not start my own postcard project? I mean I am the first person to send off a postcard to virtually any other project I stumble upon. I have sent to more than a few times. I am an avid Postcrosser ( as well as a Swap-bot enthusiast ( I have even been known to anonymously share my secrets with the world through the Post-Secret Project ( Not only that, but I love to do projects throughout a year. It is nice to see things come together over the 365 days that make up our year. And thus my projects idea was born.

I have a passion for postcards both old and new..handmade or store-bought, I love them all. And with that said..I must admit that I love the ones from other people the most! I think postcards were the original text message..or twitter update. Postcards to not give you much space for your message, though if you are creative and have small can fit a wonderful message on the back side.

So my goal this year is to receive 365 postcards. One postcard for each day. I am a little amiss as to whether the Postcrossing and Swap-bot cards count. I am thinking they will..I mean I love to send the cards as much as I love getting them right? So why not. Anyone who is nice enough to send a card that isn't from one of those sites will get a special thank you in return (assuming I have an address to send it to).

I am also doing two other projects that will be 365 projects. One is writing a postcard to myself each day for the year. The other is following the 365 Letters blog ( and writing letters each day as well. I am in love with why not?

What kinds of 365 projects are you involved in? Do you know of any neat mail swaps I need to be part of? Drop me a line and let me know.

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