Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Courteous or Be Deleted

You may wonder how Librarians unwind during the day..or take out unwanted aggression. We simply delete people. Haha. Now that isn't really how we take out our aggression or unwind, but its a funny thought nonetheless. I came to think about this because well...I was deleting people who have not checked out anything in a long time (around 3 years for my library).

The funny thing is that I found it oddly enjoyable. Taking away the library privileges from people who obviously dont care about our library anymore. Now before anyone gets on my case...I know that is not why they stop coming. People move away, get busy, and sad as it is..some people cannot come in due to disability or perhaps they have passed away. So while it was enjoyable it also made me wonder where they were...and why they weren't using the library anymore.

All of this reminded me of something that George Carlin (Caution strong language) had a funny bit about. He was talking about crossing people out of his address book when they passed away. And even though this is usually less grim..deleting patrons is much the same. It's like housekeeping...only computer style. And while I despise cleaning, I usually feel better afterwards.

In what ways do you unwind?


  1. Well, taking things to Goodwill makes me feel really good. I don't delete deceased people from my address book though. I just can't bring myself to do that for some reason.

  2. I also donate things to Goodwill!! I also don't delete deceased people from my address book. I do, however, delete people from my cell phone on occasion. Only the ones I do not talk to anymore. Though not entirely. I simply move them to a separate set of contacts that I ask my phone not to display. That way I have the ability to see them, but they aren't always there. =)