Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in a name?

So I created this blog almost a week ago...and hadn't written the first post yet (what can I say...I am a procrastinator..and being that there is no actual deadline...I hadnt managed to finish this project.) Hopefully in the future I will be more prudent at finishing these posts.

In the past week after having creating this blog I have thought of a few topics to write on. Though, this post is just mainly a welcoming note. This blog will probably be one of the more random blogs you will ever read because I plan on just writing on whatever comes to it ridiculous or otherwise.

The title of this post says it all. Most reading this do not know why I have titled my blog as such, but there are a few out there who do. So in this post I suppose I should explain it for those who are still in the dark.

I work in a library. I have worked in a library for 7 years now. This means that for 7 years...3-5 days a week...for a couple of hours each time..I have had the luxury of being surrounded by wonderful works of literary art. And in this time I have come to realize that the second most important thing about a book is the title. The first of course (even though the old saying says it shouldn't matter) is the cover. So after 7 years of reading TONS of book titles I started to ponder what I would call a book if I were to write one. But of course, you need to have a type of book in mind. So..for the sake of ease..I decided this hypothetical book would be an autobiography.

You may now be asking yourself why is that title appropriate...OR you are wondering if I am like that person on the 6 o'clock news shoving merchandise (pens) down my shorts in the store. The answer to that question is a big fat..NO. I am, however, that person who steals the pens in the bank or office. Now before you get mad at me..I do not do it on purpose. It seems the pens just cannot stay away. They fall into my purse or pocket and are then added to my growing collection at home. Sometimes I will return the pens...especially at work.

You see my compulsion to take pens stems (I think) from my desire to write at all times. I carry a small notebook with me everyday..just incase the mood strikes and I want to write something. It sure beats writing on napkins in the restaurants or wrappers when out and about!

So now you all are up to speed on the title of this blog. But now I ask you a question...what you would call a book written about you??

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  1. I keep up with the "featured sellers" interviews on, and did you know that your question is very similar to one they very recently added to their list of standard interview questions?

    So I've given it a bit of thought.
    Right now, my winning idea is
    "Chewy Loves Tulip: A Love Story"
    but really it would be about how awesome I think I am. :P

    I have a sneaking suspicion that we have been paired together in a swap on swap-bot before, which I think is quite amusing, since I came to your blog by another route entirely. Small world!