Monday, January 31, 2011

I may never visit the Post Office again...

Ok so we know that the title is totally not true. I enjoy visiting the PO too much not to go. But I must say I am totally impressed with the online stamp store! So impressed that I have...well...placed a second order. But to be fair...I needed some overseas stamps. (I know, I know...excuses excuses..haha)

First let me say that I was way too excited with the way these were shipped to take pics of them in the wrapping. I promise to do that for this second order I have placed! Each pane of stamps came sealed in plastic with a piece of cardboard. This ensured that my stamps didn't get mushed in transit.

As you can see from the picture...I ordered just a few. So they were all sent in a waterproof mailing bag. That was honestly a nice touch, but they are SOO tough to get open! I bought all of the various denomination postage, you never know when you may need it. And really..its nice sometimes to send a letter/postcard with more than one stamp. =)

In the upper left portion of the first photo you can see that black square that says something about Beyond the Perf well that is actually a poster that came with the commemorative pane of Lunar New Year stamps.

It is filled with some neat information about how the artist came to pick that design. Very informative...and you can actually find most of that information on the website above.

But one of the coolest things about this poster is that it has a place for you to affix a stamp to it. I am seriously thinking about framing it..(or does that make me a dork?)

Regardless, today I went back online and purchased some more stamps along with some FDC (first day covers). This year I am going to collect the FDC of each stamp that is released this year. Which means I will theoretically have two different FDCs because there is a digital one as well as a standard. They are relatively cheap which makes them extremely collectible. But for will be much easier than trying to keep stamps in my collection.

Also, if you havent already, and are a stamp enthusiast, there is a wonderful magazine (USA Philatelic) produced that outlines the stamps that are out and going to be released. Most post offices have them and they are free. OR...if you are like me and go the digital route, you can sign up for emails by visiting that link above. Personally I signed up for both the email and the magazine to be sent in the mail.

The issue right now...

..has an awesome poster in it that outlines all the stamps that will be released this year. I couldn't locate a picture on the web of it..and camera batteries are charging or I would have included one in this post. Maybe next time.

Anyone else out there using the online store to buy stamps? I wanna hear your stories.


  1. I have never used the online store, but I have thought about it :) I do go to the automated postoffice by my house and that is really easy.

  2. I used the online store and had a terrible time. Is it because I use a Mac? I have also had trouble trying to print postage online. I finally had to call to order the stamps and it was a big time-consuming hassle too. That said, I love the concept - and I'm glad it works well for you. I can't complain too much, because I love the staff at my local post office and I'm happy to go visit them.

  3. We dont have an automated Post Office near me. But I like Christine am ok with visiting the wonderful people who work at mine.

    As for issues using the online store. It can't be because you use a mac (I use a macbook while at home). Though I access it using Chrome as my browser. So perhaps its an issue related to one of the other browsers? Either way the only problem I have had with it is my inability to remember my password (those rules about having numbers and capitals always throw me off!).

    Again, I think visiting the people at the post office is a wonderful thing and honestly without us visiting them there would be less people employed. And at a time like this with all the cuts to the postal service as is..well..I say give them all the business you can. =)