Friday, January 21, 2011

New Postcard Project

Ok, so I was going to post this tomorrow (mainly to maintain the one post a day schedule) but I was too jazzed about this to wait. I love to read the news! That said, sometimes I stumble onto some really interesting articles. I usually search for things I normally wouldn't see in my local newspaper or featured on my local news station.

Today while I was at work..I was browsing the news when I came across this article. It's basically an article talking about Portsmouth, NH searching for their next Poet Laureate. Now, unless you are fortunate enough to live in Portsmouth, you are not eligible to participate. (Don't fret...I'm not eligible either.) But this article got the cogs in my brain turning.

As you may know, from reading a previous post, I am a member of Swap-bot, an online community of artists who share their art by..swapping it. I have created my own swaps at times when I thought I had a killer idea and I may have to do that now too.

In the article mentioned above the most recent Poet Laureate from Portsmouth wrote small poems on the backsides of cards and sent them to artists to design the cover. Most likely the artist created something relevant to the poem on the reverse side. From looking at the postcards you can tell there were some pretty neat designs created as well as wonderful poems.

I love the idea of making mail art collaborative and thus I am debating about making this swap. I am curious to see what kinds of ideas people come up with. After all, what is art if its not for sharing? And what better way to share it than the post?

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