Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soldiers Angel's

I just wanted to have a short post to highlight one of the few websites I actually paid to join. http://www.soldiersangels.org/ is a wonderful website dedicated to supporting our troops, both in this country and abroad. They have wonderful links to other organizations that are more specialized to serving specific branches of the military, however, Soldier's Angels covers all branches.

I found this website when I was looking for a way to write to our troops. I love to penpal, but sometimes you get disappointed when they stop writing. OR you find that you have tons of time between letters. Well..I like to write a lot..so I needed a way that I could write everyday and share it with people. What better way than to write to our soldiers?

They have many options to do this. You can simply adopt a soldier if you want. This requires that you will send your soldier a care package every month and a letter/card/postcard each week. They understand that people may not have the financial ability to do this, so of course they make other options readily available.

You can join their LWT or Letter Writers Team. You specify how often you would like the name of a serviceman/woman and they post a name and address for you. I am part of the LWT and I receive 3 names a week (MWF). I found that getting them three times a week..I keep pretty busy in between sending out my other mail. It works wonderfully for me.

However, if you are interested in helping out when you can..I highly recommend joining the Card Sending Team. They have posts from people who are asking you to write a letter/card/postcard to a soldier/veteran/or family member. Some of these requests are direct sends meaning you will be sending directly to a soldier and others are sent to a person to forward on.

I highly recommend joining at least the card sending team...our troops deserve all of our respect and I know that you would feel so much better because you'd be making a difference. I have written more than 50 letters through the site to 50 different soldiers. I have also sent out countless cards and postcards for the requests.

Oh and the best part...is sometimes they will write you back!! I have been talking quite frequently with a soldier named Matthew and another name Bonnie for some months now. I have also gotten responses from 2 other soldiers since I started writing. I love it. They are all so appreciative of the letters.

So I ask..what better way to spend your lazy afternoon than writing a letter to someone who deserves it most?

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