Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes you just wanna make a difference!

Just as the post title says..sometimes you just want to make a difference. However, too often we forget that making a difference in someone's life does not require a large sum of money. It is a myth that money buys happiness. Money can do great things and even give the illusion of ultimate happiness. But if you were to peel away the layers, you would see that it is merely a veneer of happiness laid thinly on top. True happiness cannot be bought, but must be earned and worked towards.

Without me continuing to ramble, I would like to share how I plan to (cheaply) make a difference in someones life. I recently stumbled upon an article about a website called Post Pals. Through this site you have the ability to send a letter..postcard..or even a package to a sick child, thus making a difference. As many people know being sick is an utterly depressing time, and even more so for those that are children.

Imagine all those bright sunny days you had as a child..and now think of what it would be like to have watched other children play when you yourself were not well enough to. Now think back to the last letter or postcard you received in the mail. If you are like me, thinking of this most likely made you smile. Now I want you to imagine a child receiving your postcard/letter/package and the smiles that you may bring to their faces.

I have gone to the website and selected a child to send to. When you choose one, not only do you get to see a picture, but you also get a little biography about them. This makes picking stationary or items for a package pretty easy. I have my items all lined up to send. I have selected five children to send postcards and letters to this time around. But I will be keeping this website handy for later!

I know I am going to make a difference, are you?


  1. Wow! It's amazing that you are going to do this and reach out to children.

    I think it's good karma when you let someone cut in front of your in traffic. :)

  2. I think that is good karma too!! I love doing things for others. It makes me feel good inside!!