Friday, January 28, 2011

A Good Mail Day

Today has been a very Good Mail Day (with exception to a few bills that came..)!

Usually walking to the mailbox can be a rather dreary task this time of year. I mean after all winters in Ohio can be very bitterly cold. Today we had a pretty steady wind with HUGE snowflakes! I was headed to the car so I thought I would make that trek out to the box and I am soo glad that I did! I pulled out all the wondrous mail and found that there were only two bills!!

The first was this wonderful envelope from my new pen-pal Amy.

She made the envelope out of a colorful paper bag and sealed it with those wonderful circular stickers that keep your punched holes from ripping! How ingenious an idea! Inside I found a short letter saying she wanted to be pen-pals which is great! You can never have too many of them in my opinion. She also included two postcards, a vintage envelope and a postcard booklet. How awesome was that?!? I will have to work on something to send in return.

Amy and I found each other (sounds sooooo cheesy!) from the Call for Correspondents post on the Good Mail Day blog. Whether you are a budding or full blown mail artist, I highly recommend joining the fun.

Next I found a group of postcards from Postcrossing. I am not nearly as active on there as I have been in the past. I really need to change that. Regardless, I got three wonderful cards in one day!

The first one in the top left of the winter scene is actually from China. Nommy writes that she is 18 and from Shanghai, China. Then she wrote some Chinese for "hello", "Thank you", and "Bye". Very neat! The second on of the ocean scene is from Hamburg, Germany. Victoria told me that she had a huge party with lots of good food the day before she sent this card! And finally the card on the right of the cats is from Cheng Hui Zhou from Taiwan. Cheng is a student studying Russian! Quite an awesome bunch of people sending such nice cards!

And even though I didnt get this last set in the mail..they will be going in the mail soon.

I found these cute vintage looking Valentine's Day cards at the local Barnes & Noble store. I couldn't believe what a deal I got on them!! 7$ for 24 cards and envelopes! And they are all different too. So who wants an awesome Valentine??

When was the last time you had a great mail day?


  1. I love your page design and background...very pretty and appropriate for the theme!

    I've enjoyed reading your recent posts.

  2. Thank you, Cindy! I thought the background was fitting too. Haha.

    Also I am glad to hear you enjoyed reading the recent posts. I will be venturing over to your blog here shortly. =)

  3. Hello, Misty.
    I have to say you have the cutest blog around! Like Cindy, I like your template and page design - it just fits the theme of your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts, too. Wish I could find similar theme for mine :)
    The last time I had a good mail day was two months before Christmas. There were dozens of postcards, letters from my pen-pals, two Christmas cards from friends, and two care packages from UK. Christmas came too early for me! *lol* May I, if you don't mind, be a recipient of your vintage Valentine card? I'll send you Cambodian postcard in return :) :) :)

    Postcards Crossing

  4. Hey there! I am glad that you enjoyed reading through the blog. Though the fact that you haven't had a good mail day since before Christmas, makes me sad. So please send me your address so I can schedule a good mail day in your future!!

    Also, I follow your blog! :)

  5. Wow, what a wonderful mail day!!! I only recently discovered your blog and the letter writing social network on-line. I have been successfully meeting the challenge of 52 letters/52 weeks but (with the exception of snailmailfan's lovely letter received a couple of weeks ago) have not found any letters in my mailbox. My family and friends are not letter writers I guess. Any suggestions?

  6. Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by the blog. There are a few suggestions I have for you! Rather than type them in this comments box. How about I type up a blog entry. So check back this evening for it. If you have specific questions feel free to email me, or you can always snail mail me too.