Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Re-mailing Program

There are many re-mailing programs throughout this country for various holidays (mostly Christmas and Valentines Day). This post is focused on the Valentine Re-mailing service of Loveland, CO. The city of Loveland has been postmarking valentines with a special postmark since 1947! Each year millions of valentines flood their post office in the first two weeks of February.

Each year not only do they postmark incoming mail, but they also sell their own special Valentines. To have your mail postmarked from Loveland its pretty simple. You need to put all the mail you wish to have postmarked in a larger envelope. Make sure you affix proper postage to each item (Including the larger envelope). Then address the large envelope as such:

Valentine Re-mailing
446th E 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80538

Then your mail will get the commemorative postmark. Also, dont forget to send it in before the deadlines. Unfortunately for overseas mail it may be too late to have it arrive on Valentines Day..though it could still get that awesome postmark. All mail that is being mailed inside the states will need to arrive around Feb 7th. Which better get them in the mail! Also, don't forget to send yourself some awesome stuff too!

For more information on this program or to buy the official Loveland CO Valentine visit Loveland's website here .

Anyone else gonna do this?? I know I sure am! Will post pics of the various postmarks received so keep checking back!

EDIT: here is another listing of some other cities across the USA that do the Re-mailing for V-day.


  1. This is so fun. i think I'm actually going to do it, which means I'd better do it now.

    Do you know of other post offices that do something similar for other holidays other than Valentine's Day and Christmas?

  2. I did this last year & it was so much fun that I'm busy making this year's Valentines so I can do it again. Wish there were pictures online of what each postmark will look like though - right now I'm torn between sending them to Loveland, CO or Valentine, NE.

  3. What a great idea, I may have to check this out! xox Corrine

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog. I am giving this some thought, can I do it by the deadline????????

  5. Christine, just by doing a quick search I have found some Post Offices with St. Patricks Day names (like Clover and Ireland). Here is the link to that particular list . I am sure there are others and when I get a spare second I will attempt to find more. I will also attempt to repost that address closer to St Paddys Day.

    Everyone else, thanks for stopping by! I hope you all get some awesome postmarks if you choose to do it. I personally addressed a few (18) myself. That is 18 different post offices, so I will post the results (hopefully some awesome postmarks) when they arrive. =)