Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interesting Post Offices

So everyone reading this has been to the standard type of post office..but what about some of these really interesting ones?

The island nation of Vanuatu offers two such odd post offices. The first listed above is an underwater post! How cool is that? You can buy postcards in the giftshop that are waterproof. They will then be mailed from the underwater office with a special stamp and postmark! Pretty neat in my opinion. I have been looking to see if they do a re-mailing service but I am having no luck. If anyone else finds it please let me know!

How about mailing them from a volcano?!? That blue box there literally sits on Mt. Yasur crater (a live volcano) and is a perfect place to mail other postcards! You can by special cards that depict the volcano itself and there are also special stamps. You also get a volcano postmark as well! Now thats some hot mail!

There are other underwater Post Boxes in St. Thomas, Susami and the Bahamas. And again I was unable to find re-mailing information about any of them.

There are also some Polar Post Offices you can look at here.

Do you know of an interesting Post Office that I have overlooked? Please let me know!


  1. I like the frozen igloo ones...Our local PO is a tiny closet almost in an old house. Barely enough room for po boxes and a hall way, but I like it. We have two in our town, one at either end. The other is in another old house next to the breakfast/pizza restaurant and mini-bank. That has an outdoor drive-up mail slot, very chic...xox Corrine

  2. I liked the frozen ones too! Technically, I live inside a village that doesn't have its own zipcode..so no Post Office. Though there is a very nice one in the city that the village uses. The Post Office that I frequent the most is small and cozy. It's a lot closer than the other one.

    When I was in college the post office I used was small and sounds just like the ones you are used to Corrine!

  3. I love the underwater one. I want to go there just to mail a letter!

  4. Me too!! I would love to mail out stuff from both the underwater one and the volcano. How neat would that be?

  5. I can just picture myself saying, "I don't need an oxygen tank, I'll just dive down there and hand this to the clerk" - and then discovering I have to wait in line.

  6. Haha. That would certainly stink wouldn't it? I know the last time I was in my local PO there was a line out the door!