Saturday, February 26, 2011

How to Get Some Snail Mail

I recently got a comment on one of my entries asking if I had suggestions on how to get some snail mail sent to you. So rather than answer it in the comment section on the blog, I decided to make it into this blog entry. (And I know that most who read this are already veterans of the mail/mail art/postcard sending/etc world, but think of this as a guide for those who aren't.)

The first thing everyone must realize, is that you have send mail to receive mail. You can get some mail without that, but your correspondence may be few and far between. So suck it up, buy some stamps, paper and envelopes and take a little time to write.

The ways to go about getting mail vary based on what types of mail you would like to receive. If you want letters..I would try a penpal site. Personally I have used a number of sites, but one of the better ones is Maarten Daams Penpal site . You can either post your address, or find people to write first. He updates the site all the time so you know that the addresses listed are probably current. Its a great way to find people based on age/country/ and even interests.

If you are looking to go the random mail route, you can always join Send Something. Once you join (which is completely free) you can find random people to send mail to. The other bonus is that you can join and add your address too. So technically you dont have to send anything to receive it..but sending helps.

Another great way to get mail (which again requires sending) is Swap-Bot. By joining you can sign up for different swaps. And there are always plenty of mail themed swaps, whether its letters, postcards, mail art etc. If it can find it. Oh and you don't have to worry about not getting anything back..cause you are rated for each swap. Which means if you don't send..chances are you are gonna get a negative rating.

Passioned for postcards?? What about Postcrossing? Postcrossing is a wonderful way to exchange postcards with people from around the world! Its great. Again...(sick of me saying it yet??) you have to send to receive. But, I must say I have been a member for around a year and I love it. I get a few postcards each week. You can even add a small profile to say which types of cards you like to receive.

All of those are great ways to join the mail world. However, one of the BEST ways is to seek out people through blogs! You can find tons of blogs written by letter writing, mail sending, postcard lovin fools (myself included). A lot of them post their addresses on their blogs, or you can email for it. Everyone that I have met through the web has been wonderful!! One of the places that I highly suggest you add your address is on the Good Mail Day blog. I have met wonderful people through that site. But you can find people all over the place.

I follow a lot of blogs that are all mail/postcard/letter based. So if you take a look at the ones I am following (it would be easier if I actually made links on the side of my blog huh??) you can probably find some good contacts there too.

I hope that this helps open the door to the not so digital mail world to those who are on the outside. If you have any specific questions..OR you know of something I left out, leave a comment or email me and let me know!

As always, thanks for reading my rambles. Have a great weekend!


  1. Pretty much I just took this trek myself starting in Sept. There's also the Letter Writers Alliance but if you are mildly computer illiterate (me,(I hide it well)) with pop-up control, this is hard to access.
    P.s Misty, something is on the way, I was creating this weekend.

  2. Feel free to send them my way - I'll send them something if they say hi.

  3. IUOMA is another resource, though it vacillates between kind people exchanging snail mail art, and other people spamming/nagging for one-way mail art submissions. The spam leaves a bad taste in my mouth but if you have the patience, there are some good people there.

  4. Such a great and very informative post! :)

  5. Wonderful suggestions, Misty. Thank you.

  6. Thanks to everyone who is leaving other resources in the comments here. Sometimes its hard to think of all the way you can connect with other people.

    Becky, cannot wait to see what fun mail I get from you!!

    Karen, I am so glad that this helped. If there is ever anything else I can do just let me know and I will try my best to help out.

  7. thank you for some links that i didn't know about!!

  8. No problem Marina! I wish there had been a guide when I first started (not that this is a great one..but something is better than nothing).

  9. All I have to add is an AMEN. To receive good mail, you have to send Good Mail.