Friday, February 25, 2011

Woohoo for mail!

Alright, so today is a dreary I mention cold(??) day here in Ohio. We got hit with the wintery storm that was headed thru the midwest. So lucky for me..I had the day off. All the schools in my county closed and even the colleges. The libraries as far as I know..remained open.

Regardless, I got a bit of mail today (which I am being lazy and not photographing..though I promise to soon) and I am always amazed by the people who randomly find their way to my address. So when I pulled Maria's postcard from my mailbox today I was just as floored as usual. She found me and though she would drop a line. (which I love by the if you are reading this..and randomly found me...drop me a line!)

Anyway, she told me that on her blog Help Save Snail Mail , she is on a mission to receive 31 pieces of snail mail before her 31st birthday (May 16th). So...if you are reading this..and haven't sent her a letter/postcard/something in the should click the link above...then address something to her...stamp it..and send it on its way. I figure there are 20 of you who follow..besides Maria of she should have no trouble reaching..and beating her goal before her birthday.

Ok. One post for today down..I have two others. One where I promise I will feature some pics of mail. And another where I will have a story about the dangerous conditions our mail carriers sometimes have to work in. So...stay tuned and if you are in Ohio or any of the states getting snow/ice/rain...stay warm and dry!


  1. I will definitely visit Maria's blog and try to help her :)

  2. Thanks Marina! I am sure Maria will appreciate it!

  3. I do!! And I appreciate you mentioning me here! Thank you so much!