Monday, February 21, 2011

Icy Day in Ohio

So, there wasn't much going on in the postal news today..and with no incoming mail due to the holiday. So I decided to bundle up and head outside to take some pictures. Here are a few of the ones I shot today.

I dont think any birds would like to put their little feet on those icy railings! I know I wouldn't.

Again, as you can see there are little tiny icicles on everything. Including this solar light. I thought that the ice created an interesting why not photograph it?

Even the grape vines had a bit of ice that had formed on them. I always like to look at the vines after an ice storm because they always look so neat! The way the vines wind in and out of one another is beautiful in itself..but then to see the ice added into the mix. Awesome!

I loved how the stems on this cherry tree looked.

But alas, out the in the cold I wasn't alone. I had my trusty pooch (Butch) with me. I am not entirely sure why his collar ended up being so bright..but I can asure you the photo was not enhanced.

Even this gnome looked to be enjoying himself. Whereas this gnome...

doesn't seem to care for the cold too much!

Hope you all enjoyed your day today..and that perhaps it wasn't as cold there as it is here. Cheers!


  1. "I told you we should have gone to Florida Wilbert"....."Bah its just a little snow Lester....Although at this rate we could hang out with Papa Smurf soon"

  2. That winter mix hit western PA hard and fast today. Our county had roads closed and car pile ups at every turn. I couldn't go out with a camera much wind and snow blowing.
    so far we have a 2 hour school delay for are praying for a closing.
    Nice pics. keep warm

  3. BRRRRR! Your little dog looks cold too!

  4. You are really getting all that ice now. Pretty pics, but not so to walk and drive....Butch is a cutie!!! Xox Corrine

  5. Oh, it's so cooold :) It's sunny here and we have snow maybe once every five years, so i don't have opportunity to enjoy in this kind of pictures.. everything white :)

  6. I couldn't tell if Butch was cold...or if he just didn't want his picture taken. Haha. I am glad everyone enjoyed the photos. There will be more to come as the weather gets nicer. This pen thief loves to hike!

    Stay warm everyone!

  7. These are great pics! All we had in Loveland was rain, rain, rain! I'm so ready for warm, sunny weather!!!!