Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Books for Troops

So I am not exactly sure why I haven't posted about this before...but this month at my library we are collecting new or gently used books to be send to the troops overseas. I have been helping spread the word about it here to the people I come into contact with.

The gentlemen who sends these books has been doing so for 2-3 years now. And he does this out of his own pocket!! Last year he sent just shy of 2000 boxes of books to the troops. Quite an amazing feat for any one person.

He had asked me last fall if I would collect some letters for the troops for him to send. Using my connections at Swap-Bot..I managed to collect 27 letters to be sent. How awesome was that?

I just met with Tom (the man mentioned throughout this article) again yesterday and he asked if I would spread the word to anyone who wanted to write. He is on the hunt for letters/cards/postcards again. All he asks is that they are cheerful.

So I am putting this on here. If anyone reading would like to send a letter (etc.)...or know someone who might want to send a letter (etc.) you can send them c/o my address listed there on the right handside. I will make sure Tom gets the letters and that he sends them out in a box to some lucky soldier.

Anyone who sends a letter for the troops will get a thank you postcard from me. But really wouldnt you like to do a good deed anyway?

It would be awesome if I recieved the letters before the end of the month, but if not they will still get sent anyway. As always thanks for taking the time to read my rambles.

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