Monday, February 28, 2011

St Patricks Day Re-mailing

So if you have been following this blog for a while you may have seen my post about the Valentine's day re-mailing. Well...this post is similar but it is St. Patricks Day based. If you aren't familiar with the re-mailing..basically you send your postcards/cards/letters with postage already on them...inside of another envelope addressed to the Postmaster of that particular post office.

When the cards reach their destination the lovely people at that post office will open the larger envelope...pull out the things you want re-mailed...and then postmark them and send them on to their destinations. Basically it is a way to get a neat holiday themed postmarks on your mail. Most people who do this are familiar with the Christmas re-mailing programs around the country (there are a TON for the Christmas holiday), so I thought I would write about the lesser known ones.

Here you can find a complete listing for the post offices that have St. Patrick's Day named post offices. I plan on sending some postcards to myself like I did for Valentine's Day so I can see which ones have the neatest postmarks. So keep your eyes peeled for pics of those in the coming weeks.

Remember when addressing it should look something like this:

St. Patrick's Day Re-mailing
(insert postoffice here)

Hope this is helpful. I wasn't able to find a deadline for this..but I bet we can assume it is before March 17th. =)


  1. Thanks for the advance notice. I sure hope those cancellations are green.

  2. This has to be the coolest thing I've learned odd that I am very excited about this. I had no idea this was done - even at Christmas time!

  3. Yup there are places you can get postmarks for all different holidays. Though there are very few that do a really nice designed one. There should be some nice ones for St. Patricks Day though. =)

  4. You are a wealth od information as always. xox Corrine

  5. Aren't all librarians a wealth of information? Haha. I am glad that this post was such a hit. What to talk about next...

  6. I have been doing this since 1999 for my grandchildren. I also have a great place for Halloween cards and of course Valentines cards from my home state of Colorado.