Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another blah day..except in the mail

So I am on day...well I've forgotten which, of a sore throat and runny nose. I am sooo sick of..well...being sick! Haha. I did, however, drag myself out of bed to trudge to the mailbox. I had some Valentine goodies to mail off for re-mailing ( see one post back ). And boy I am glad that I made that walk! I had some goodies waiting for me too!!

The first batch was all postcards. Including a nice one from Russia, sent through Postcrossing . They were nice enough to translate the message on the front for me. " Anticrisis #8. At this exact moment they had everything they needed to be happy. The rest has been taken away by bailiffs". I dont really get it..then again maybe its a translation issue. It did however have a very nice set of stamps.

The one of the shoes was made and sent by Liz. We connected through the Good Mail Day blog. And the final card was another I sent to myself from Mexico. I dated the card 11/7/2010...the postmark from Mexico read...9/11/2010 (they do day, month, then year). And it just arrived in my mailbox today. Almost three months after I sent it!! Crazy! (sorry for the crummy picture)

The last thing I pulled from the box was a letter from Patty who writes the Just Letter Rip blog. I have been following her blog and sent her some mail a week or so ago. She was nice enough to send me some back! (ps. I don't mind posting her addy cause its posted on her blog. Normally I wouldn't post one that wasn't already out there in the blogosphere.)

I love the envelope. As you can tell she has recycled one from a local bank. Very clever idea!! I am definitely going to have to do that with all that junk mail I get. Here is what she included:

She is trying to go all year without buying any new paper! I think it is a very good task..and I may try it myself. Then again...I kinda like buying papers. Call it an obsession if you want. Either way I was happy to receive her mail! I will have to put my mind to the task of sending something equally as interesting back.

One cool thing Patty pointed out was that in those silly credit card envelopes there is always a spot where they have your entire name and address listed. She clips them out to use are address labels on the things she sends! How cool is that?? I am sooo going to start doing that.

Anyone else out there recycling paper like Patty?


  1. Love to recycle paper, food packaging, magazines, receipts, makes the mail art so much more interesting. Try buying some punches instead of paper and use the punches to cut out interesting shapes in junk mail.
    Don't send your cold this way, but feel better. xox Corrine

  2. I re-use food packaging too. I find it easier than just tossing it or putting it in the recycling bin. And I am so happy to have met people on the web who don't mind seeing a macaroni box come in their mail. haha.

    Buying punches is a great idea..and they have been added to my list of things to pick up in the future! Slowly I am getting better! I dont think this blog is contagious so no worry about the spread! Take care!

  3. I use the cardboard from food boxes for crafting. I should use them for sending things also ;) Would not mind a part pizza box or macaroni box in my mailbox LOL
    And yes those loose address things from my TV guide I usually use as address labels also ;)
    And I recycle those envies with plastic bubble stuff in them
    And other big ones I get things in can be cut in half and re used ;)
    I must admit I buy a lot of paper for my card making I just love to buy them also ;)

  4. I am glad to see I am not the only one who buys paper for the sake of buying it! Also, I will be sending you an email shortly asking for your snail mail addy. Then I can share some mail art with you! =) Thanks for taking a look at my blog I hope you enjoyed it!

  5. Greetings from Portugal and for a long term pen pal!

    Nice to see one more blog about mail. This post interest me a lot, I am all for recycling stuff and I don't really mind if someone can put the effort to make an used envelope or anything else to look new again. I recycle a lot of those bubbled envelopes, firstly because they are use and resistant and yes, they can be used more than once, I use colored papers and glue them in the front, plus I am very careful to open them the first time, so they look perfectly. Most of the time I do my own envelopes because I feel much better to have my own personalized envelopes, I can pick beautiful papers to make them. I also already have made postcards with things I found, paper, images,... collages.

    Warm thought,

  6. Cool Mail Art! I've just restarted sending mail art again...with a new group. Thanks for coming to my blog...look for some mail from me soon!