Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Postmarks

Ok, so in a previous post I talked about Valentines Day Re-mailing services. Or rather cities that will re-mail your letters/postcards/mail of any other kind with a special Valentines Day postmark. Well I am happy to report that all but 2 cards have made it back already. Below is a picture of the postmarks.

I also got two other postcards today. The one on the left is from Krystal on Swap-bot and the one on the right is from Jackie from Letters and Journals .

You've gotta love getting fun mail! I will be sending out some St. Patricks day postcards in about a week. I will let you know which cities are available in a blog post soon.


  1. Those are terrific! Great idea. xox Corrine

  2. Did you get one from my local post office - Loveland, OH (45140) they have a great cachet and will do remailing.

  3. Awesome !! I love to collect them as well.
    How I wish I can receive one of the postmark.

  4. Corrine, I thought it was a good idea too!! I will be mailing out some St. Patricks Day cards soon.

    David, I did get one from Loveland! I loved the cachet too!! I am definitely keeping them in mind for next year.

    Lay Hoon, I would be happy to send you one of the St. Patricks day postmarks. =) I am afraid it is too late for the Valentines one. So if you email me or leave your address here I will get that ready to send out.