Friday, February 25, 2011

USPS: It's A Dangerous World Out There

So, the title of this post says it all. With the amount of snow that we get here in Ohio and other mid-western states it is no surprise that we get a fair percentage of average traffic accidents in the winter months. Well..I am not sure how many people ever think about it, but postal workers can be the victims of these accidents too.

I bring this up because just today, about 5 minutes after I walked out and put the mail in the box (including a thank you card for my mail carrier), a car went left of center and hit her mail truck. I mean...literally right in front of my house. is a view of what it looked like down my street about 10 minutes prior to the accident.

Now taking that into account there is still the idea that the car was probably going too fast for the road conditions. I am not entirely sure of what the speed limit is on my road..I think its 45 (I know...its horrible that I dont know the speed limit on my own road). Regardless, you need to take into account the road conditions before you settle on a speed. ANYWAY...

So after seeing my mail lady stopped on my road, I decided to walk out and make sure she was ok. She was...but she seemed upset that the guy went left of center. (completely understandable) I am sure her day was hard enough before she had to factor in waiting for the sheriff so that she could write out a police report. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

And then here is another one after the sheriff showed up.

So. Lesson learned cautious when the road conditions arent the greatest. And also...thank your mail carrier for delivering your mail in some not so nice situations.


  1. Wow! Here in Cincinnati-land we got inches and inches of rain with just a little snow this morning that quickly went away. I'm so tired of cold and wet!!

    My mail lady is so good. She just parked her truck and walked a big, flat box of paper that I had ordered from Blick to my front door! And she did it with a smile and a laugh saying she needed the exercise!! Talk about a great attitude!!

  2. Sorry about the mail carrier, glad she is okay. We have a po so we have to get our mail. I like the view of your road before...looks like a nice place to be, bet Butch loves it there. I will say that our postmaster likes the mail art I am sending and is curious about what it is all about. xox Corrine

  3. I am in awe that mail carriers (on foot) have the endurance to deliver the mail for hours in horrible weather. It boggles me.

  4. I love the last picture, made me feel like a voyeur looking throught the trees. The I checked the spelling for voyeur in my Oxford American Dictionary. I also read the definition..YIKES! I learn something new every day! ....won't use that word so freely anymore.
    keep warm,

  5. Yes all my mail carriers are wonderful in my opinion. Cause for all the weather they have to deliver in I cannot imagine how cold/wet they get. But yes my Mail Lady is perfectly fine, thank goodness!

    My dog loves it out here. He has free roam of the yard, and we go for walks..but he has to be leashed for that. There are too many rodents and deer for him to chase after otherwise.

    And yes, the word voyeur is only appropriate in certain situations. Haha. I took that photo through the trees because I did not want my mail carrier to think I was making a spectacle of her. I am sure her day was hard enough as it was.