Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Awesome Mail Day!!

Alright, so of course being sleepy this morning meant that I didnt take a picture of all the mail I sent out today. (I really need to be better at that!) However, I figured I would make up for it by taking a picture of some of the wonderful mail I got today.

As you can see from that picture I got three lovely pieces of mail art!! The "special of the week" was sent to me by Millicent. We connected through the Good Mail Day blog. And I have to say..I loved this!! She wrote and told me all about what the items used to be! Writing while drinking some coffee in the Starbucks, she used the bag from her pumpkin bread as the envelope and the tea bag wrapper was used to make the address label. How awesome is that? The brightly colored "addiction" was sent to me by Seren. We also connected through the Good Mail Day blog. She even sent me some awesome things to fill out and return. How cool! I will be working one something to send back to these ladies soon!

And as for the other envelope that I received. I waited until last to talk about it because there was some really cool things inside! This envelope was sent my Edward. As you can hopefully tell from that photo above, the envelope is made from a map and my name is stamped on...well...postage stamps! I thought it couldn't get better until I opened it up and saw all this stuff:

He sent me all kinds of goodies! Including address labels, stickers, some "idol postage" and even some real postage stamps. I seriously cannot wait to use these on a project! I am seriously excited. I must say I love days like this. Even on the coldest day it makes walking to the mailbox that much more exciting and worth it!

In closing I would like to thank everyone for following alone. I am having a blast and cannot even believe that I have managed to post 30...err...31 times! I honestly thought I would give up after a few posts (as has happened with other blogs) but I guess I just didn't realize how much fun it was to write about topics I like. When I write topics about stamps and such..not only is it to inform you about them..but more so it is a learning experience for me. So I thank all of you for taking the time to read my rambles!


  1. You really had a great mail day! I wish for you that every day is like that :)

  2. Aww! Thank you! I can only hope that everyone else gets to have a good mail day too!!

  3. That looks so awesome! What a generous gift! Enjoy!

    Letters & Journals

  4. What a wonderful mail day! How fun! I enjoy your blog, drool at the mailart plus goodies and................. live vicariously through your mail box.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. I am so glad that everyone agreed with me! These goodies are awesome! I am currently taking a break from making some awesome goodies to send!

  6. Now this is MAIL ART! I think I just got an idea for my next piece for everyone!!