Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bogus Post

So...obviously there was no post yesterday..and well...I was going to write a good one today, but alas...got sidetracked. So here I am at my desk trying to come up with some interesting ideas to write about here..and to put it lightly I am coming up shy.

I had been waiting on some word from a soldier I write to each day. It had been around a week and then I finally got an email from him yesterday saying that there had been a major flood in the part of Afganistan he is in. He even sent a picture! It looks crazy and I wouldnt wish that on anyone. Flooding is hard enough without being half way around the world.

So I have gotten some interesting mail over the last few days, however, my camera batteries are dead. So I shall charge them tonight and then post come pictures tomorrow. Oh and I will also post come pictures of the new mail art pieces I am working on,..no matter how rough they still are.

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!! Happy mail art!


  1. That's too cool that you are staying connected to a soldier. That photo is wild!

  2. I know isn't that crazy?? He (Matthew) apologized for not having emailed me back in a few days and then I guess sent the picture as proof. Haha.

    I actually write to soldiers each week. I belong to a Letter Writers Team from Soldier's Angels. They send me addresses and names each week and then I send of letters to those brave men and women. A few of them even write back. Matthew was one of the few who have kept writing to me. We've been writing since September!