Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2012 Stamp Preview: Day 30

How do you like these stamps?? Aren't they too cool? I thought so. Anyway, the weather vanes featured are from a museums collection in Vermont. Did you know that weather vanes have been used since Roman times? I certainly did not..but found out with a little research. =) The photographs used for these stamps were taken by Sally Andersen-Bruce.


  1. These might just be my favorite!!!! AHH I absolutely love farm animals so seeing that precious little cow is exciting!

    You should have a couple things in your mailbox tomorrow. If not I would punch someone.

    I NEED to start a blog soon, I'm writing posts in my head everyday, its getting crazy. I've been trying to think of a far the hardest part, and the only thing holding me back at this point.

  2. I love the stamp preview but there's a page set up for that already. I'd much rather read *your* posts about all the crazy wacky things you used to write about. I've pretty much stopped reading your blog now that it's just a repeat of the stamp preview. Come back...

    posted by StoneZebra

  3. Ashley- You DEFINITELY need to start a blog! I would so be your first follower. =) As for a title..I have no clue. Something catchy..and creative. haha..that probably doesnt help does it? Oh and I got your mail today. I laughed when I saw the card. It was cute though! I looked around to see if I have a picture of Brad and I to send...but alas..all I found was ones of our feet. (hiking ritual). I will keep looking though.

    Corrine- Aren't these stamps adorable?? I cannot wait to use them!!

    StoneZebra- I will be back to my own posts next week, as I believe the last day of the preview is tomorrow. And while the USPS has done a good job of letting people know what they are through Facebook and Twitter..and even their own site, it was nice for me to post about them too. (I say that for purely selfish reasons. That mainly being that it is hot and beautiful outside..and I just didn't want to stay cooped up to write long posts about mail.) Though that changes soon enough. And think of all the great things I will have to write about. =)

  4. These are awesome- I hadn't seen these yet. This year seems to have the best stamps coming out!

  5. YAY so glad it all made it your way. I even dug out the last I had of those damn pine cone stamps to round out the Christmas feel. I was cracking up mailing it, this was seriously like the 4th Xmas card I sent out this summer. I had to keep you up to date! You're on the list for this year :p

    We're leaving for NY again Saturday morning so I'm going to think of names while we're gone. (7hrs in the car is the perfect time to think of these things!) Hopefully I'll be blogging not too long after I get back!

  6. Yay! I'll be back!! Actually I was thinking of the Beyond the Perf page, but hey, they *are* colorful and cool and I looking forward to buying some when they finally come out.

  7. Katie- Next year does have some awesome stamps coming out!

    Ashley- Well you wont have any mail from me before you leave..BUT...there should be at least something there come Monday. =)

    StoneZebra- I love the name by the way. And Beyond the Perf was what I meant to say instead of "their own site". I am glad you will be back. I promise I have lots to say on mail. Including some posts of things that have come in the weeks that I have been posting stamps. and so many other ideas for posts. =)