Friday, August 12, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 18

BONSAI!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Day 18 reveals 5 bonsai stamps. The stamps show the most common trees used for bonsai. These include: Sierra Juniper, Trident Maple, Black Pine, Azalea, and Banyan trees.

Bonsai is basically the Japanese art of carefully pruning trees to stunt their growth. The trees are usually planted in trays or some other small containers. They can be started from seed (which is amazing to me) or use a small sapling. And they not only prune the limbs, but they also prune the roots of the tree. From everything I have is definitely an artform.

You can see more pictures of Bonsai trees from the National Arboretum.

I love these stamps..then again I love anything natural.They were illustrated by John D. Dawson. What do you think of them?


  1. I've been to the post office once a day for the last 3 days sending stuff your way so I hope it makes it safe! sometimes I worry about address labels and rightfully so since I recently had a handmade envelope returned to me with an empty front. eeek.

    talk to you soon!

  2. YES!!! These will be bought and cherished!

  3. Ashley- I got a postcard from you today! YAY!! A response to that shall be in the mail tomorrow. And Carter got his goodies. Though just to warn you the label you used was almost completely off when it got here.

    He will be sending you a response shortly. =)

    Snailmailer- They are sooo nice arent they? I cannot wait to be able to put them on envelopes. Is it sad I am already thinking of ways I can make envelopes to match?

  4. These are gorgeous stamps. We got to see that exhibit at the National Arboretum and it was spectacular. Especially the trees that dated back several hundred years. xox Corrine

  5. YAYAYAY! I had my mom get some postcards with you in mind and I got a little package of them a few days ago! So happy everything made it to Carter, he's a cutie! The worst part about the label thing...I didn't wanna risk one of mine not sticking so I had the Post Office use one of theirs and the guy promised it wouldn't budge....yeah right! The important part is that it made it.

  6. Ashley- That is funny that the label was one of theirs! I will have to take a picture of it so you can see how almost off it was. haha. Also, I got your letter today and I would be honored to make up the envelope for you. I was actually planning on doing some drawing tonight (I have used almost all my reserve envies) so I will be doing that one first. =)

    Also, thank you for the typewritten letter! It was beautiful. Such a bargain for $10!

  7. You are the best! I decided to ask by mail instead of a long run on comment because I wanted you to know the importance of it instead of seeming like I was lazy and untalented for not doing it myself. I really hope you know how much I appreciate it and just know I'll probably thank you a million more times. :]

    P.S. You are getting way to popular in my house missy! We were out yesterday and Chris saw something and said "Misty would love this you have to get it for her!" He must really listen if he even knows my friends hobbies. The guys at the post office are going to think you're the only person I send stuff to! (although this past week that would kind of be true haha)

  8. Ashley- That is too funny!! Though I suppose I am glad that I am popular somewhere. Haha.

    Oh and I mailed back the envies to you. I couldn't decide on a final design, so I drew up two. I appreciate that you sent you own envies and even the postage to mail them back, though I couldnt bear to fold the envelope (and I drew on both..) so I mailed them back free of charge. I hope you like one or both. =)

  9. Feels like I'm eavesdropping. :) You two sound like sisters.

    I have always been torn over bonsai. My brother wanted to learn how to do it, but I think I discouraged him. While I love the art, I also feel for the trees. I imagine the "art" as being akin to Chinese foot binding. Someone loves it enough to make someone else suffer for it.

    Somehow it all seems contrary to what a tree should be: tall, regal, with branches flowing and providing homes to birds and all manner of creatures. And shade. Speaking of shade, I was driving home after dropping off nephew when I noticed all the shade trees in the median of Elderidge Pkwy. It hit me. Shade is shadow. And did you know that Christ did not cast one?

    Any how, I told my brother he'd be torturing those proud trees, and I would hear their groans, moans, creaks and screams in my sleep. :) It would be like gelding an animal meant to reproduce. Well, maybe not the same, but it really is a lot like binding young girls' feet. To me anyway.

    Sorry for being a weenie. How can I wince, then go, "Oh, how beautiful?" I've come close to buying one over the years, but could never bring myself to do it. You reckon I think too much?

    Thanks for sharing, and for making me remember that I am still brave enough to say what someone else might not like to hear. Does that mean I am . . . what's that word I'm looking for? Um . . . LOL!

  10. "I imagine the "art" as being akin to Chinese foot binding." This is such a dated, ignorant statement. In the US, bonsai is largely trivialized, but in Europe, it is firmly in the realm of fine art.
    There are some excellent examples of bonsai illustration, too bad the stamps aren't one of them.

  11. Anon- I don't think the statement referencing Chinese foot binding was ignorant at all. They both stifle growth do they not? Perhaps Limner and I are just hippies, but I must agree with her when it comes to trees. Unless the tree is specifically a dwarf tree...why stunt its growth on purpose?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I suppose you comment just serves to remind us that there are many differences between cultures.

  12. Oh my goodness. Anonymous, I was taught that the word ignorant is means "to ignore," as in to ignore the obvious, or to ignore the truth of a subject. I have never been called ignorant before (at least not to my face, or in good company), because I love to learn. I try not to ignore anything offered to increase knowledge, or to encourage thought. But, as Misty said, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I have learned that differences of opinions foster conversation, and in some instances, enlightenment.

  13. Oops! Initially I came back to say I saw bonsais today. Immediately thought of your blog post. I examined them with more care than usual, but haven't changed my mind.

    Coincidence? I caught part of the movie "Ninja Assassin" while surfing cable night before last. It was the scene where the girl cuts the wire on a bonsai despite it being considered a dangerous thing to do, since it implied she was thinking and acting outside the norm. The young male ninja-in-training warned her. The young girl didn't care. Wish I'd written down the quote, but in a nut shell, she thought it was a cruel thing to do to the trees. I thought of your post and the stamps again. :)

    I enjoy what you're doing. Good job.

  14. Limner- It is good to see you thinking of me...or well my posts at different times. I like the idea that the posts at least in some small way stimulate deeper thought.