Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 29

How about some flags on day 29? Now I have to admit..most of our flag stamps are far to boring for me to send on letters. I am not sure why...that is just how I see it. (Though I would happily use them on my soldier letters). With that being said..I do enjoy these ones because they seem more involved than the others. Maybe its the words...maybe it is just because they are new? Who knows..(and really who cares)..the point is I like them.

For those who do not know..our flag has 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies, and 50 stars representing our 50 states.

The illustrator of this stamp is the late Arnold Holeywell.


  1. Does the strikethrough on FOREVER bother anyone else, or just me?

    Freedom, Liberty, Equality, and Justice:

  2. I have to agree, I do like these more than the rest of the boring old bell or flag ones. They're almost as bad as the metered postage. Sheesh. One time I bought 2 0.98 cent stamps from the machine and I was so mad when they came out as metered instead of actual stamps. I don't know what I was thinking. Wait I do, we bought stamps out of the machine at Christmas time and there were actual choices. I figured "oh, there aren't too many airmail stamp designs, I must not have a choice." WRONG. I haven't had the heart to use them in fear of whoever I write to thinking I'm tacky and opposite of creative haha.

    I have a few things coming your way (I gushed enough in the letter about how you make my life complete through the mail, and how I'm still squealing about the postcard, so I won't make you blush here haha), but I had to warn you about one thing (and I didn't want to write on the envelope to warn you.) I hope you get a kick out of what's in the long skinny envelope. I actually sent a few of these out last month to friends who's addresses I didn't have when it was the right time to send them and they loved it so I think you might too.

    You've been warned! Just so you didn't think "why am I getting this now?"

    Can't wait to talk to you soon!

  3. Jill- good to know we are on the same page. =)

    Patty- I hadn't thought of that...but now yes it does bother me a bit. I wonder if anyone has brought that to the attention of the USPS.

    Ashley- I promise a longer comment when at a computer. ( I'm typing on my phone) But I wanted to tell you that I thought of you a lot yesterday. And I hope that doesn't come across as creepy. Haha

  4. Never creepy, but how's this for creepy: do you know how many times I reach for my phone to text you when I'm ridiculously excited about something mail or paper or pen related and I realize there is no Misty in my contacts.

    About the strikethrough on FOREVER, it's only on the previews so people can't print them out and try to use them as actual postage. I'm sure some people think they can fool the system by forging fake stamps so they always have the strikethrough on the previews.

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  6. Don't feel silly! I thought the same thing at first, this stamp made it really stand out. It looks to me like the word forever is bigger on these stamps to emphasize the great message, so the harsh line was even more noticeable and questionable.

    Sometimes those things are so tiny, trivial (and silly hehe) that they make you scratch your head and think "wow, did they really have to think of doing that so someone wouldn't try to steal it?!"


  7. Ashley- Oh man..I didn't realize that the "Forever" wasn't part of the stamps design because usually they hide that on the side. *hits forehead* goes to show that I wasn't paying very good attention. =P

    Also, going to text me isn't creepy I have actually done that too. While hiking last week I took a picture on my phone and was like..I should send this to Ashley...then went to do it and realized..I didn't have your number. Haha...great minds think alike!

    I am so excited for your mail! Your warning has me highly intrigued. I need to write a mail post this weekend when not writing about stamps. I have gotten some really neat things!