Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 16

Here we are at day 16 and the second film director to be featured in 2012. Frank Capra is probably best known for Mr. Smith Goes To Washington or Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. Though the stamp actually features a scene from It Happened One Night.

I have seen both of the first movies, but not that last one. Something I should check out. =)

This stamp was illustrated by Gary Kelley. A beautiful use of pastel on paper.


  1. I've not been doing a good job keeping up with everyone's blogs...I like your Stamp Program postings...there are some great stamps this year, aren't there!

  2. I have been falling a bit behind as well. I admit there are some I am only skimming..or looking at pictures on. Though summer is just a bad time because I tend to spend more time outside! The stamps for next year are AWESOME!! I cannot wait to use them all.