Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My 26th birthday is sloooowly approaching (the 25th of this month) and you know what that means...It's time for a giveaway!

Everyone has a chance to be entered. This time I will do it completely through the web. Here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment on this blog and tell me two things. The first I want you to pick a number between 0-100 and secondly I want you to tell me what the best b-day gift you have ever received was.

I will select a winner using a random number picker. And the winner will get this journal.

I know the pictures are kinda crummy...but I promise the journal is very neat looking with really cool paper as well.

Good luck to all my readers. The giveaway ends next Wednesday. =)


  1. Well happy birthday! (Just a bit early...)
    I'd pick number 66, but mostly I just want to talk about how awesome one of my birthday presents was.
    It's kind of hard to surprise me well, so I always appreciate it when it does happen... A few years ago my friend gave me a blue glowing glitter lamp. It's a little like a lava lamp, but WAY shinier.
    I like it because I never saw that coming, and I use it all the time to set the mood for dance parties at my house. :)

  2. Haha. That is awesome! I used to have a pink glitter lamp..and they are completely groovy! Surprises are always nice! =)

  3. I'm so glad you told us what day because you told me August and I was scrambling to try to find something cool to send your way and worried I'd miss the day!

    I'm a big fan of birthdays so every one is special though a few stand out to me. For my 15th birthday my dad got me a game I really wanted. It was called Hudson Valley Monopoly since we lived in the Hudson Valley, so it had all of the cool landmarks around the area! Even as a 15 year old I remembered wanting it so bad because I knew it would be something cool to keep around forever. For my 18th birthday my mom closed the bank account they had opened for me when I was born and gave me the money from it which included the savings bonds that had been bought in my first few years. I still don't have the heart to cash them since they have dates from 1987-1990 on them.....damn me for being sentimental about anything with a date on it. And, for my 22nd birthday I got a pearl necklace which my mom told me every woman should have. Funny considering my mom has a Harley and is the least prissy person!!

    This birthday was great because we went back to NY and got to have a nice weekend with everyone important to me. It doesn't get better than that!

    I pick 18 because it's my favorite number!!!

    More importantly, what was the best gift you ever got lady?! I LOVE hearing these cool little stories about people :]

  4. Goodness!! How could I forget to mention my favorite?

    Um..that is difficult. I remember a few that I enjoyed but I would have to say that last year was my favorite. My mother gave me a second hand jewelry box that is wooden and looks like a castle. It is also a music box. BUT the coolest part was what was inside, which was a ring that my great grandfather bought my great grandmother (who passed away when my grandfather was only 4. So that meant a lot. =)

    I also got some crochet hooks from a guy who actually paid attention to my hobbies. He's pretty cool like that. =P

  5. Hmnmm . . . will the random number generator be against the order of our comments or our fave number? Probably a silly question, but it did occur to me to ask.

    Back on topic: I guess the best bday gift, not necessarily the best celebration, was on my 21st bday. My mom and dad gave me a microwave oven. Back in the dark ages, that constituted a substantial investment. Twenty five years later, I still use it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the current crop, but it is very easy to use. It is also very roomy inside. Obviously, I have a sentimental attachment to a silly kitchen appliance. Then again, my mom died in 1991 and my dad in 2000. I can certainly appreciate your sentiments about your gifts.

    Of course, I am a little distressed that my oven is just a smidge younger than you.

    I will go with the number 42 - think Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :)

    Many happy returns of the day!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your birthday is the same as my son's, his in 1967. I'll go with #63, which is a family joke.

    As for my best birthday present, a friend sent me my first digital camera in 2000. I haven't paid a cent for photo developing since!

  7. I'll go with number 6.

    As for my favorite birthday present, I really love those handmade drawings and letters from my daughter. For my favorite birthday experience, it was wakening in Jerusalem on my 30th birthday, visiting Petra, and ending in Amman. Fabulous day.

  8. Happy early b-day! I will go w/ #9- I always thought of it as my lucky number and recently someone asked me why...and I had no idea! hee!
    I have had a lot of cool gifts, but i am going to go with a necklace my brother got me in Hood River, OR one year- an interesting stone/ Native American piece I still wear all the time. I do love jewelry (not expensive stuff!) because it really lasts forever and can be handed down...and takes up little space. ha!

  9. Number 44! And, the best bday gift I have ever received was at my birth - I was adopted! Does that count? Surely not the kind of answer you had mind, right? Ok, for more conventional gifts, I was probably most thrilled to receive Michael Jackson's Thriller for my birthday as a kid. It was on VINYL! LOL!

    I found your blog via Leaving a Paper Trail.

    :) Take care!

  10. Millicent- The numbers selected will be chosen from your favorite number, not the number comment you are. (That wording is awkward..)

    Bev- A digital camera is an awesome gift!! Also, your son has an awesome birthday. =P

    Maria- Your fav. birthday experience sounds amazing!!!

    Katie- Jewelry is definitely a good gift to give. I like the idea of passing it down. Somehow it seems appropriate.

    Malea- Being adopted totally counts!!! And who could not love Thriller on vinyl? haha. Thanks for stopping by! Becky's blog is one of my favorites. =)

  11. I think I've figured you out! You're trying to kill me! You know I can't handle all of the excitement!

    I had to tell you that Office Max has universal typewriter ribbons for $6.79. I googled it and that kind fits mine and just about most of em. I got my very cool cursive typewriter from an antiquey kind of place around here for $10!!!!!!!!!! So cool! You have to try yours out sometime!

    Still beaming and dying from the awesomeness in my box today. You my friend, are an amazing artist! I wish I could draw like you, I'm seriously envious!

    Also, no time for the post office tomorrow (driving to Youngstown for a wedding!) but Monday I will be heading that way. Keep your eyes peeled for a little prize for a special nephew of yours. I couldn't resist, I love spoiling!

  12. Ashley- I do love to spoil people in the mail. And it is even better when they get excited enough to pee in their pants a little. haha. Thanks for the heads up about Office Max. I will have to dig out my typewriter and see if I can order one for it! =)

    Also, I am sure that my nephew will love whatever it is. He is worthy of being spoiled. Just wait...he starts school this year. I see brand new boxes of crayons and markers in his future. haha.

    Hope you had a lovely time at the wedding. I look forward to spoiling you some more in the mail.

  13. Hey Pen Thief, and hip hop happy birthday coming up! I will choose #33 and will say that when my niece Kelly was born on my birthday, well that was pretty special, and then I appointed myself as President of the "Kelly Club".
    Rubber Duckingly Yours,
    Kelly Pocci

  14. 47
    The best birthday has always been the last one, but, the best gift I ever received was likely, the red and white basketball that my parents gave me when I was 11. That was 36 years ago - in case you wondered why I chose 47 as a number.

  15. My best birthday gift I have received is a 22" plush boyd bear. I just love him! My number is 58.

  16. my number is negative 1.
    the best birthday gift i got was taking my daughter on the carousel.

  17. I will go with no.27 and the best bday gift I ever got was a scraf from my grandma and Im talking a very exspensive silk scarf to go with a new blazer . I hope I win the giveaway looks lovely and you are a lovely lady giving this away. Thank you .

  18. Shucks. Feels like I've been asleep next to Rip Van Keep-the-Wrinkles-Away! I've missed a lot. Glad I haven't missed your birthday. JC's is Aug 31. We usually rent a beach house in Galveston, or he goes to Chicago and Erin puts him up at Trump Tower for 3 or 4 days. Not sure what to do with him this year since she doesn't work there now.

    Sorry I missed the give-away. Isn't it nice to give as well as get on your b'day? It sort of balances things out perfectly.

    Congrats to the winner. Oh, to be 26 again. I probably wouldn't survive it unless I knew what I know now. I think that would be great--Getting a do-over after you're wiser. :) I think you're going to do well; you seem to have done well with 1-25. :)