Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lake Swimming..

Now, to be fair this adventure took place on Thursday of this past week. But because the stamp previews take up the posts for the week...I decided that I would wait and post this today.

My nephews were over on Thursday. Now, most of you know of Mr. Carter, but his brother Christopher was over as well. (Christopher lives in Pittsburgh with his mother). Carter has been bugging me for weeks to take him on a walk to the lake. So, I decided that Thursday would be the day. I was off work, and there was the added benefit of spending time with Christopher as well.

Once we got to the lake we took our shoes off to put them in the water. Then the boys decided to attempt to catch the minnows that were in the shallows.

Christopher (whose hair is actually more reddish brown naturally) was much more into catching the fish than Carter. He was a little freaked out that they were going to eat him.

After much convincing (and a walk back home) we decided to go swimming. Needless to say, they had a blast!! It was fun, though a bit rocky at first because I did not have a life vest or floaties for Carter to wear. But he was such a good sport about staying where he could touch. So while they were swimming and playing...

I took some pictures of the many dragonflies that were around. I even caught a few in a private act, but I thought this was too cute not to post.

Overall it was a lovely way to spend the day. Though I created a monster because now all I hear from Carter is.."when are we going swimming again?"


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I used to love to take the kids fishing at near by Cane Creek Park... the kids are grown now and still sometimes talk about all the fun we had. You are making lifelong of memories to enjoy with the boys!

  2. What's better than a little swim in the summer, especially when minnows are involved. Any bullfrogs? xox Corrine

  3. Elle- It was amazing!! Truly one of the best days this summer. Now if only it would stop raining so I could go swimming again. I feel so at peace when in the water...and it is an excellent time to do some thinking!

    Corrine- There certainly were TONS of minnows..but no bullfrogs. Though then again perhaps they were hiding from two boys I know. Haha

  4. LOL! Wow, I loved wading in Sandy Creek when I was a kid like Carter, and even Christopher. We used to swing out on a muscadine vine, and let go in the middle of the creek, or drop down on the other side where it was shallow.

    Loved trying to catch minnows, too. They were too fast though. We used to cut cane poles and go fishing. Oh, my goodness, what awesome memories are flooding my senses. I promise I almost felt that water between my toes!

    Misty you are a super aunt. They will remember this day when they're young at heart and gray. ;) This is another favorite post. Thank you for helping me remember that it wasn't darkness and pain for little me. :) I had a wonderful aunt, too. She taught me so much about nature. She taught me the things my dad couldn't when he was away being a soldier.