Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 10

Day 10 brings us the Innovative Choreographers series. This series of 4 stamps commemorates some of the greatest choreographers that have ever lived.

Now I don't know a whole lot about the choreographers themselves, (I am an awful dancer...) so I am going to just paste some info from the Beyond the Perf site.

"José Limón is shown in a performance pose. He frequently drew inspiration from history, literature, and religion, and used natural movement and gesture in his choreography. His virile, powerful works elevated the importance of the male dancer in modern dance. Many of Limón’s works are considered classics and continue to be performed today.

Founder of one of the first African-American dance companies in the United States, Katherine Dunham was the first choreographer to develop a formal dance technique that combined Caribbean and African dance elements with aspects of ballet. She is shown in a pose from her critically acclaimed ballet L’Ag’Ya.

Bob Fosse, celebrated for directing and choreographing musicals on both stage and screen, is shown on the set of Sweet Charity (1969). Fosse received one Oscar, three Emmys, and nine Tony awards during his career. Yet perhaps his greatest contribution was in making dance accessible to millions."

The stamps were illustrated by James Mcmullan. He is famous for creating Theatre posters that look something like the one featured below.

I have to admit...these are probably my least favorite of the ones that have been featured so far. And I cannot even put my finger on why. What do you think of these stamps? Will they dance onto your mail next year?


  1. i don't know anything about choreographers, but i really like the aesthetic value of the art on them.
    i say +!

  2. You asked, so I'll tell you...I LOVE these stamps !! But then I'm a theater person and I can't wait for them to be released.

  3. these stamps move. I really like the poster, so much energy in that image.

  4. Greetings. I'm Bree from Malaysia. Really nice stamps. Can we do a swap or something?
    - http://theperfectmagni.blogspot.com/

  5. I am glad that everyone liked these stamps. I am not really sure why they dont appeal to me. Perhaps when I have them in hand I will like them more?

  6. Where'd my comments go? LOL. I like the comedians poster, is it? Reminds me of the 30s ad design style. The dancers are rather flat. I expect more energy, style, and color for a dancer's stamp. Those are boring, lackluster and unappealing.