Sunday, August 7, 2011

Envelope Tutorial

This morning I was looking around at some blogs. Specifically the ones of those who have chosen to follow mine. (Partially because I like to share the love..but mostly because you all have such awesome blogs!)

While perusing the blog of a new reader (Kate!) I saw a post about making your own envies. She said she had been watching some videos online, but any helpful tips were appreciated. Now, I did what any person would do...I watched a few of the videos that came up when I searched it in google. My goodness..some were WAY complicated for my taste. And thus I decided to post a tutorial (for anyone interested) on how I make my own envelopes (when I am not being lazy...).

Gather your supplies!
For this project you will need. An envelope (or envelopes) that you wish to replicate the size of. A pen, glue stick (or doubleside tape), and a pair of scissors. You may also use an exacto knife and mat instead of scissors.
You also will need to gather the materials you wish to use to make your envelope. Such as an old map, magazine pages, or even scrapbooking paper. You just want to make sure the material you use will hold up to the travel.
Next carefully unfold your envelopes. Most that I have worked with in the past have come apart really easily if you just work gently. These unfolded envelopes will be used as a template to make a new (more fun) envelope.
Now keep in mind, the main area on the envelope will be the front. This means that if you want a specific design element on the need to lay that section overtop. (The Ohio stamp envelope is just to show you that the design should lay across the front section where the address will go.)
I have decided that I want the front part of this new envelope to include the word Egypt from my old map.
So place the envelope over the portion of the paper/map/etc that you want to see on the front of the envelope.
Next you want to take a pencil or pen and trace around the envelope.
After tracing it, cut the envelope out.
Now you need to fold the envelope up. Use a ruler, or eyeball it like I do, to create a line from each pink arrow to the next and fold along those lines. If you are unsure, look back at your template.
Fold those flaps back to reveal the envelope with the design (in my case Egypt) facing the front.
Flip the envelope over. Unfold the top and bottom flaps, leaving the side flaps folded to the middle. Then run a glue stick (or tape) along the edge of the bottom flap.
Make sure not to run glue or tape all the way along that bottom piece where the pink arrow is pointing. If you do, the back of the envelope may stick in the inside.
Now fold your bottom flap up and press it firmly against the side flaps. Then flip it over and it is ready for an address and stamp.

Pretty simple huh? That is basically how I make all of my own envelopes. I was never good at math and really don't want to bother measuring too much when making my own envelopes. Mail should be fun...not like homework!

Everyone should definitely take a look at Kate's blog. She started a project with her sister Sara in the hopes of achieving some really great goals. They would like to receive 365 letters in 365 days. Its a pretty big goal (and they have some side goals too) but I think they can totally manage. All they need is a few people to start writing to them and they will reach their goal in no time. SO...if you have a chance..stop by to their blog and lend them a hand. =)


  1. Interesting! I make loads of envelopes (maybe I've sent you one) and I never measure. Nor do use a template. I just fold and cut and tape -- random sizes depending on what I am using the envelope for. Very fast and easy....mine are usually rectangular shaped -- old menus, take-out flyers, magazines, maps...etc etc I use tape only - on the sides. And remember to leave a little space so the person who receives the envelope can actually slit it open -- I have had some envelopes so taped up I could hardly get them open without ruining them (and we don't want to do that!).
    Thanks for the fun post, Pen Thief!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to add photographs and instructions! I'm going to give this a try!

  3. Pamela- I have gotten a few of your envies and they are beautiful! It is amazing that you do not measure or use a template. I have only done that a few times..and I wasn't very happy with my result. But I guess it makes sense to say, do what seems to work for you. =)

    Susan- You are most welcome. It didn't take too long to photograph...though posting them was a whole other can of worms. haha

  4. Isn't it simple! I can't remember where I saw someone saying they just traced an envelope but thats how I've been doing mine. I think one of the first I sent you was in one of those. I always feel like I'm deceiving people a little because it looks like so much time was spent or even money to get a fancy envelope and i really just traced, cut and glued.

    I couldn't wait to come on here and tell you, to get to the wedding yesterday we went through Chardon which is only a few minutes from us. We followed Ravenna Rd for quite a while and in the middle of Chardon there was a sign that said Ravenna - 26 miles. I didn't realize it was so close. Very small world indeed :]

  5. Very nice tutorial. I made my own envelope once and without checking any videos I did it just like you. It was easy and fun.

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  7. Very Cool. It is so hard to find paper that will take fountain pen ink and envelopes are even harder. Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. This is such a cool idea! I really admire your project. Now I'm going to have to go try and make some envelopes. :)

  9. I am glad that you like it Marian!! =)