Friday, August 19, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 23

I LOVE THESE STAMPS! that I got that out of the way. I enjoy the Disney themed stamps. They are just so...colorful. They also bring back good memories of watching the movies. This set is a contiunation of the set of Send A Hello stamps that were released today. You can see those stamps here.

The Send a Smile stamps feature beloved characters from five Disney/Pixar movies: A Bug’s Life (1998), Toy Story 2 (1999), Monsters, Inc. (2001), Finding Nemo (2003), and The Incredibles (2004).


  1. 20 page comment warning because I can't possibly squeeeee less than that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1] ahhhhh you love killing me don't you?! Got your letter and the envelopes were to die for. Still can't believe how bad you spoiled me. I promptly sent out the mohawk one and I cannot wait to hear the response. Chris thought they were printed, he was really impressed. I can't thank you enough but I'll sure try.

    2] The letter came without the stamps being cancelled, no postmark, nothing. It looked like you addressed it, stamped it and hand delivered it in my box!!! (Which you're close enough to do...ever thought of that?! haha)

    3] Loved everything about it and I started writing you back even though I have 3 unopened letters! I'm so bad!

    4] Your letter couldn't have come at a better time. More detail in the response letter but it's been a very taxing few weeks around here and it was just the thing to pick me back up.

    5] So....I was expecting a package from my mom today, mail comes, I go get it a few minutes later and thats that. Chris gets home and I'm showing him how the package had actual stamps and not the ugly metered postage. He said "oh yeah well I probably have a package waiting too, I think it's on the porch." I'm like..."really? no one rang the doorbell...I'll go check!" So I run, open the door, look down and..."heyy.....whaaaaaaa....It's for me....did you know it was for me and you were just fooling me? OMG ITS FOR ME!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH." ....So many things went through my head. The first one was that you actually dropped it off yourself. I cracked up once I finally put it all together. I died and am still dying from cuteness. I have the hurtiest heart EVER. How did I walk to the mailbox and check the mail, yet not see that? (In all fairness I went out the garage for the mail and never use the front door....but I feel like I should have seen it!!) I showed Chris and not only did he think it was so cool, but he said "I can actually see trucks and planes!" So he thought Carter was a great artist! This kid is going to be so amazing in life. He's frieken 4 or 5 and already better at life than so many people! And Chris actually didn't know it was for me, he's been expecting a package and was even more bummed he didn't get one hehe.

    6] I think it would be so cool if for show and tell in kindergarten he took some stuff from his pen pals! His little friends would be so jealous.

    7] We have to make a last minute trip to NY for the weekend and I was trying to get you a letter back before we head out at 7 in the morning (ew just a few hours!) but I don't foresee it happening. Therefore, parts of your letter will be written in OH, parts in NY and maybe even some on the road in between. It will be worth the wait :)

    Sorry for the ramblings, I had to touch on everything!!! Thank you so so so much for the envelopes, I'm still in shock that you did one for me let alone you are amazing! Thank you times infinity! I'll be in your mailbox soon dear.

    Have an awesome weekend..thanks for reading the whole thing :p

  2. Can't match Ashley for comment length, but I wanted to add that I love these stamps too. I just ordered the Send a Hello stamps and should get them in a couple of days. I love the cartoon-y stamps.

  3. How nice! Really love those stamps. :D


  4. Ashley- Haha. Your comments always make me giggle. I swear they are the best!!

    1.) I am really glad you liked the envies!! I got your letter and knew I had to do something neat. It honestly takes me longer to do the research for the drawing than actually doing it. I like to look at the subject matter...(I am terrible at drawing from memory). At any rate, I am glad they made it ok. Tell Chris he should know better...I am waaaaay too awesome to print the envelopes.... =P

    2.) Want to know something strange?? The letter you sent asking me to do the envelopes came without the stamps being cancelled! Now is that odd or what? And actually to answer your question I have never thought about doing that. Then again no one has ever been close enough....

    3.) You are SOOOO bad..but that is probably why we get along..I do the same thing.

    4.) I am glad my letter was a pick me up. =) IF that doesnt make me feel good then I dont know what would.

    5.) I love your description of getting the mail. I swear that is a small part why I like sending you odd things. And I hope you don't mind, but the next weird thing will be addressed to Chris..or perhaps both of you. I have yet to decide. But of course...I will not tell you what it is...OR...when it will arrive. I like to keep the surprise alive!

    6.) I completely agree!! OH I hope there is show and tell! He has been really cute telling me that he gets to use his stuff you sent him soon for school. I promise pictures when the time comes.

    7.) Never feel like there is a deadline for your letters. Life can throw curveballs and make things that we really want to get done..well..not what we should be doing. I am probably one of the most understanding of that rule in life.

    I hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying the seasonably cool weather in this buckeye state!

    Bev and Bree- I love these stamps too!! I need to visit the post office and pick up some. They are too lovely not to want to use.

  5. Oh wow I love these stamps! Too bad I don't live in the USA and can't use them...

  6. You know what that means just need to correspond with someone here in the states..and they could send YOU mail with them attached. =)