Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yup...a pen addiction. Limner told me that sometimes you can make an easy post out of some pictures (I may be paraphrasing a bit..). So that is what I am doing with you now. Showing you part of the collection of pens I currently have in ONE drawer in my desk. (I know there are others...I just didn't feel like hunting them down.)

The pens above are probably the ones I write with most frequently. I like each for various reasons..and some of them I only use on certain things. For instance the white and light blue pen on the left...well...I came across that one at a resort in Mexico. And thus I brought it home..and have only used it a few times since. Why? I have no clue.

Then you have the "fatter" bodied pens. I have a small chubby hand. So slight pens do not always sit in my hand nicely. So whenever I happen across a thicker bodied pen...they may just come home with me. (Not always on purpose).

And finally you have the thinner pens. Personally my favorite of this bunch is the one on the left. It is a steel body, which is nice for having in my purse. I dont have to worry about the plastic breaking and getting ink everywhere. (I had one bag ruined that way). I also have a smaller version of that pen (made by Zebra) that fits nicely in my pocket when out and about. I love it...but I cannot buy them around here anymore. =( The stores just dont carry them, so I suppose I will use the internet to replace them once they are all gone.

**For those who enjoy fountain pens, Zebra even has a steel bodied one called the V-301.**


  1. Goodness, but those are nice. I don't write well with all pens, but I recognize one that I've used and like. I think JC gave it to me. He's a pen "collector" also. He collects staplers, tape dispensers, pencils, name plaques for his desk (Each company seems to give him one.), liquid paper . . . I've gotten some nice pens that way. :) He even got 2 from Trump Tower. One for him and one for This Limner.

    I have a strip of stamps that match your paper. It's great that you told us something about the pens. Look forward to seeing more.

    Write on Misty! Very nice.

  2. i discovered sharpie fine line pens this weekend!
    i needed something permanant for writing on the backs of the photos, to use them as postcards. they are perfect for that, and i imagine much more than that! ;-D

    my new favorite pen!

  3. Cool background! I just recently discovered Zebra pens myself and am liking them. But my go-to standard is the Pilot gel pen with a .05 tip. I love how thin it is!

  4. I love fountain pens , my best one broke so now im using the old standby . Im praying that I can find a good one. Keep your fingers crossed that I find one.

  5. Haha good to know I'm not the only one with a lot of pens ;)
    I have that tribal one of the second picture in purple :)

  6. I am glad that everyone enjoyed the post!! =D

  7. Mmm, pens! I love fountain pens. I have several that I like to alternate. They have to have italic nibs though, can't be doing with anything else!

  8. Aren't pens wonderful! I have so many...I've lost track of many of them...keep finding them when I open a drawer or a box...stuck in coffee mugs and tins...never can get enough of them!!!

  9. Hi Misty!
    I just signed up as a follower and posted your blog to my blog list.I am sorry, I thought I already followed you blog...but I know I do now!
    I am back from Costa Rica and mostly caught up on things so I will be sending you something in the mail soon. I hope all is well and that you are having good mail days! Elle

  10. Hi Elle! I love reading your blog as well!!

    I am so glad that everyone liked this topic. I shall definitely have to invest in a fountain pen. Just seems a shame not to own one at this point.